Valentine’s Day

Saying Happy Valentine’s Day to a woman tomorrow may be a sexist microaggression. Act accordingly, gentlemen. - Ben Shapiro, California Remember, Valentine's Day is the only day you're allowed to love your significant other - jacksfilms, LA Unhappy Valentine’s day! #River Music Video ft. @edsheeran WEDNESDAY - Marshall Mathers, Detroit

RT @PETTYMAMII: Valentine’s Day tomorrow everyone gonna be waking up to cute texts and gifts while I wake up to 100% charged 😂 - ❤️💃🏾Mz.Multitalented💃🏾❤️ RT @iambmc: Happy Valentine's Day mga bibis @aldenrichards02 and @mainedcm #ALDUBArawNgMgaPuso - jersey 🦋 RT @andeyan106: Happy Valentine's day - 9Tblackcat, 台灣貓窩 RT @stariiance: happy early valentine's day! 💖💕✨ - star ★, icon: @blazamy ♡ RT @BallerinaMinaCN: Happy valentine's day my baby!!!💋 #미나야나누워쪄 #TWICE #트와이스 #미나 - 🐧 RT @girlposts: Remember to spend Valentine’s Day with the one you love most - k e n z i e 🍯 Happy Valentine's Day!!! 💕 - ready for the aftermath 🌠 RT @hmphilippines: Happy Valentine's day @hmphilippines followers! Get your 14% OFF when you present this post in all H&M PH stores today.… - andrew1523 RT @laypics_: Happy Valentine’s Day 💛 - , 서울 RT @shawtysfeeI: “wyd on Valentine’s Day?” going to work because it’s Wednesday - Briana Steury RT @cloutboyjojo: Dear Team Snapchat, Do Not send me anything on Valentine’s Day, I don’t fucc with y’all anymore. Sincerely, Me - RT @langleav: Hope you like it @mainedcm ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! #ALDUBisLove #ALDUBHappyValentines - 🌷BibiFLeuR🌹, Calif 🌴🌱🌳🌵🌾🌿☘🍀🍃🌷⚘🌱 RT @ray_elizabeth33: Instead of a date with a guy on Valentine’s Day, my best friends and I are dressing up and going to eat. Cheers to the… - Natalia Vidinovski RT @ohthatsdking: “Wyd on Valentine’s Day?” Going to CLASS because it’s Wednesday - Tierra 💎🧜🏼‍♀️, Eufaulaaaaa ♡ RT @kjip07: Mission accomplished! Happy Valentine’s Day girls!! from 4-AIT 💯❤️ - Angelique, SBC-M Happy Valentine's day 🌹 - Rafit officiel, Burkina Faso RT @ExtendoBans: Y’all ready to feel lonely tomorrow when niggas come to school with Victoria secret bags, flowers, candy and a big teddy b… - 𓅓Matthew Garcia𓅔, Amarillo, TX  All I want for Valentine’s Day is a PSG win #PSGvsRM - JEREMIAH HENRY, Atlanta RT @FKAjoshua: Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day soon let us not forget about this iconic vn - Holly, Ldn / Nn2 RT @coIehearted: Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Everybody is gonna be waking up to a cute paragraph & imma be waking up to "iOS 11.2.5 update… - Dimas ✌️ RT @memeprovider: Great places to take ur girl on Valentine’s Day🌹: Pleasant Park Tomato Town Snobby Shores Tilted Towers Retail Row Moi… - 🌸Ra(w)🌸, Weenie Hut Jrs #🍫💗 . Happy Valentine's day💝 . Surprise...😜 . for Shimako🧚‍♀️ . #0214 #valentinesday - Ruri, Rocky physical coffee teacher RT @cuckhoe: i’m dropping hints like i’m single on valentine’s day i’m single - Its Brysib RT @aim_DO_lover: Happy Valentine's Day 💐❤️ #EXOL #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards @weareoneEXO - Pᴇᴀᴄʜ. happy valentine's day💕🥂 #เป๊กผลิตโชค - หมีนุช ของผลิตโชค, Thailand RT @ovovetter: all girls deserve flowers on valentine’s day 💐 - Marian

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