Hallelujah! Thank you to the great @vernonfrancois for always gilding my crown of hair, always empowering and trans… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Lupita Nyong'o, New York Gates to the City [Hallelujah] — Steemit steemit.com/dsound/@drkent… - Kent Gustavson, PhD, Nomadic. The hallelujah cure: Trump campaign adviser says pray away the flu yhoo.it/2nW1Fta by @pslopian https://t.co/5Xpx1OJsDk - Yahoo News, New York City

RT @StormReportSA1: Karen Hickson Mulder - Massive Storm in Cape Town! Thunder, lightening, hail and the heavens have opened the floodgates… - JAKB Photography, La Mercy, South Africa RT @weakenedupdate: As president of the IOC, I hereby declare that all future Olympics will feature no more than 1 (one) cover version of "… - ., 33.367574,-86.7625509 RT @Lupita_Nyongo: Hallelujah! Thank you to the great @vernonfrancois for always gilding my crown of hair, always empowering and transformi… - Leslie L Morgan, Notre Dame, Indiana RT @sylvia_inzera: @hopeonair @JoyousSA @JustusOwaka Hallelujah In the shadow of your wings I know I am safe and I've found releave. Bein… - Hope FM-Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya RT @reggieflowers_: Oh what a Savior Isn’t He wonderful Sing hallelujah Christ is RISEN - Holly RT @lyman_brian: DID YOU KNOW: Olympic by-laws require 30 percent of ice dancing routines to be set to Hallelujah - Kelsey Arbona, Boston, MA the chinese skaters that did hallelujah were sooo good - quinn 🌸, she/they @harrysiegel @PreetBharara Aw, you guys! Hallelujah is never sick of you. Hallelujah is on our team, a “have a bitc… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Vivian Vargona, North Carolina, USA RT @rodger_sherman: "okay, there's been a rule change. now you can skate to music with lyri—" 478 figure skaters simultaneously: "DIBS ON H… - Sarah Hanson, Sioux Falls, SD @sunnyone0107 Crisis averted! Hallelujah! - Just Sayin', You may not think so, but I'm actually helping i actually wasn't tweeting about jeff buckley cuz Hallelujah is trending RN - Morgan Ywain Evans, Kingston, New York RT @rockerskating: Wenjing Sui/Cong Han CHN sbs3T, thr3F, 3Tw - HALLELUJAH!!! that's the standard for the very top pairs to beat - will go… - パーコ, 長野県 RT @Grouchosauras: #Olympics2018 OK - a suggestion to ice skaters (pairs, single freestyle, whoever) try using something besides Hallelujah… - #SAC_AFSC427X3 Me every time a figure skater skates to “Hallelujah”: https://t.co/ky75ivHnsD - Sam Meredith RT @rilaws: I'd be OK with every skating routine using "Hallelujah" if it meant we never got the SNL Hillary "Hallelujah" - joel, Columbus, OH Fun Fact: Chinese Figure Skating Pairs Team, Sui and Han, are skating to Hallelujah by @kdlang for their Short Prog… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Cathy Taylor, Calgary So glad k.d. lang will have millions of people hearing her sing this: Hallelujah [new version] by k.d. lang… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - View from Argus, Los Angeles So apparently figure skaters must really love Moulin Rouge, Hallelujah, The Beatles. and Cold Play - Amy, Berlin, NJ @ramin_parsa Hallelujah! Best tweet on here! - Dr. Weitl, Alton, IL @MollyJongFast Yep, the name Cohen is so non-american it wrote Hallelujah! 🎶 😂 #Hallelujah - studioxeoh, Venice/Hollywood It's coming true @PearlJam. 😱 #NowPlaying 🎼 This land is mine, this land is free, I'll do what I want but irrespons… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - 🎼🎸 Stephanie ⚕️🐨✌, Seattle-Palm Springs-New York hallelujah, casting true agidyne to me: hey wake up - Nanashi, tokyo New favourite: Paramore / Hallelujah deezer.com/track/3829139 @Deezer - Kuma, Lusaka, Zambia @Ilannahofbanana @TheRobinCousins KD Lang is great but no no no you can debate Cohen or Buckley but those are the… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - don't be a dick

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