@BlogPaws #BlogPawsChat Mary a Springer/cocker mix and Jeremiah a Shih True, both #rescuedogs https://t.co/Vr3QLyUTWi - Gayle Irwin, Casper, WY @BlogPaws I found a calico kitten when I was 7 years old - I named her Precious. #childhood #memory #BlogPawsChat #BlogPaws #cats - Gayle Irwin, Casper, WY @ShadesofSahara Here's some light reading on why #BlogPaws is introvert-friendly. YOu'll be OK! I should know! (I w… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Elizabeth Keene, Richmond, VA

RT @kolsnotes: Fe's here and ready for #blogpawschat https://t.co/XyhiDU9LJS - yuthana RT @noprepdayhere: Did I make it in time?#BlogPawsChat - Laurus, Manhattan, NY Did I make it in time?#BlogPawsChat - The Lazy Raw Feeder, Seattle, WA RT @chai604: #BlogPawsChat. Looking forward to another fun time @BlogPaws https://t.co/YpTMHeKkwI - Elizabeth Keene, Richmond, VA RT @BlogPaws: Roses are red, violets are blue. #BlogPawsChat sends love and thanks to each and every one of you! G’night, all! - Marty Deno, Nanaimo, British Columbia RT @boogieshoesnews: Boogie Shoes is ready for Valentine’s Day! #blogpawschat https://t.co/Yydwc0KtOP - Elizabeth Keene, Richmond, VA @ChroniclesCardi I don’t always find time to write blog posts. Too many things going on in life. Need to find some… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Write and Rescue, Chicago, Il RT @mypawsitivepet: Sending love to our #BlogPawsChat friends tonight! <3 https://t.co/ZeVqjeh981 - The Pumpkin Pooch, Calgary, Alberta @kolsnotes I hear purple is in... #BlogPawsChat https://t.co/BcYFllaaLo - Beagles & Bargains, Broomfield, CO RT @irresistiblepet: @BlogPaws Good night! #BlogPawsChat https://t.co/ISA0KZ6UuP - Proud-daughter!!, San Diego, CA RT @MamaMommyMom: I can’t believe I forgot to include Louie in my “pets in attendance” tweet. Doh! #hedgehog #blogpawschat https://t.co/2f… - SJ and the Hedgehogs *grumbles and starts trashing all of her 2018 Blogpaws wardrobe* Uh...yeah. Stripes are so out. #BlogPawsChat twitter.com/beaglesbargain… - Kolchak, the DIY dog RT @thebrokedog: ...we missed. 😂 #BlogPawsChat https://t.co/fQHP1uvQ7N - Library of Alexandra, Arizona How is it over already? ☺ Goodnight, all! #blogpawschat twitter.com/BlogPaws/statu… - Elizabeth Keene, Richmond, VA RT @BlogPaws: We’d like to extend a big, huge thank you to our friends at @Chewy for sponsoring tonight’s prizes! #BlogPawsChat - Elizabeth Keene, Richmond, VA @writeandrescue No worries (though, I know that's easy for me to say). You have plenty of time, and the #blogpaws n… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Elizabeth Keene, Richmond, VA Shameless plug: Having trouble finding time to achieve all your blogging goals? You're not alone! Join me for lunch… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Kolchak, the DIY dog RT @BlogPaws: Be kind, put the social in social media, and follow the folks you met here tonight #BlogPawsChat - Truman, Missouri, USA @kolsnotes Right? Who even wears stripes to BlogPaws? #justkidding #dontstealmyhamburgers #BlogPawsChat - Beagles & Bargains, Broomfield, CO @BlogPaws Good night! #BlogPawsChat https://t.co/ISA0KZ6UuP - Irresistible Pets, Virginia Beach, VA @noirkittymews Awww...blushing under all my floofy fur! Thanks, @noirkittymews! #BlogPawsChat - Happy-Go-Doodle, United States @whskr @BlogPaws I know you do. I miss him too. That never goes away. They take a little piece of our hearts when they leave #blogpawschat - Truman, Missouri, USA @BlogPaws @Chewy *wishes on a star for Chewy to offer Canadian shipping* lol #blogpawschat - Kolchak, the DIY dog #BlogPawsChat Happy Valentines Day everyone! https://t.co/8XfOgMPQpn - Kona RT @BlogPaws: Time to RT if you have a pet near you for tonight’s #BlogPawsChat - Irresistible Pets, Virginia Beach, VA

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