This is what winning the #Hound group looks like! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/hyW7jnCfV7 - Westminster Dog Show, New York, NY Two is always better than one. #WKCDogShow #Corgis https://t.co/q3qIOI38j3 - Westminster Dog Show, New York, NY Morning glam. 💇🏼‍♀️#WKCDogShow https://t.co/lRt2XzUejP - Westminster Dog Show, New York, NY

RT @LaurenYoung: The real working dog at #WKCDogShow: Benny, the guard dog, who sniffed the treat I had in my pocket. Labs rock, @WKCDOGS h… - Anthony Beck, Dover, Pa RT @WKCDOGS: Here’s Biggie! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/MqRJKOxZqW - T 🐢🌵🌊, Las Vegas, NV RT @LaurenYoung: Could Chester the Beagle be more handsome? @WKCDOGS #WKCDogShow https://t.co/My5nmeKvBO - Anthony Beck, Dover, Pa My FB memories have had a LOT of #WKCDogShow related status updates and I’m not mad. S/o to “Lil Too and Fro” and “Happy Tails” 🐶 - EGB, atown RT @GabeIkard: The Ikard dogs are glued to #WKCDogShow! 😂 https://t.co/wzCyaAPBa3 - carter devine, Oklahoma City, OK RT @Pugdashians: Biggie won the Toy Group! We can't even....we're done......WOOF!!👏👏 #WKCDogShow https://t.co/Babro63Sdv - Alex (Is it February 18, 2018 yet?), Palm Beach County, FL RT @WKCDOGS: The #Beagles have arrived on Ring 8! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/tIn56DdGuU - Melissa Yerman RT @WKCDOGS: The German Shepherd dog is smart, confident, and courageous. #WKCDogShow https://t.co/aJ1PM9Mk89 - Phee Phi Pho Phia RT @FOXSports: The Herding Group belongs to Slick the Border Collie! Congratulations to all of tonight's #WKCDogShow group winners. Covera… - mayuTK, Tokyo Japan RT @mom_monologues: My Lucille Lee Lang #silkyterrier #WKCDogShow https://t.co/cjwBL2GGdZ - bella barr, USA Here’s Biggie! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/mOJfMrwotB - Dogs Pappy RT @CruisinSoozan: He likes to dress up to watch the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. It’s like his Oscars. #WKCDogShow https://t.co/ZdQ7… - clare, Chicago, IL RT @WKCDOGS: Slick! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/MjIF9Ixi8B - EnjoyLife, Chestnut Hill, MA RT @rachelbonnetta: Sizing up the competition on @FS1 #WKCDogShow https://t.co/E92iMYVn2S - 🇲🇽Tu Pito Ahora es un fideo🇨🇴, i will sho u da wei RT @WKCDOGS: The Hound Group winners! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/XWQ8L0odFw - Jane O'Doe RT @ann_drop: #WKCDogShow Win or loose, the best dog is the one next to you on the couch. https://t.co/ahlE262k3s - Tammy Crandell Jones RT @WKCDOGS: The #Chihuahua is the smallest breed of Purebred Dogs. #WKCDogShow https://t.co/9pzxQh678V - Stupid Bimbo 💖, Mesa, AZ RT @robmel73: @WKCDOGS my Cat Charlotte enjoying the dog show #WKCDogShow https://t.co/e1ER5Gxyjj - sallysallysally, 東京 Here is my best in show- my 7 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Kali! #BestAtHomeContest #WKCDogShow https://t.co/JV6FN3hkLG - Robin Lawrence Loki thinks he knows who is best in show! #WKCDogShow #BestAtHomeContest https://t.co/yGMeJNEyZU - Rebecca R. Cohen, New York RT @WKCDOGS: The #BassetHound is a great companion and family dog. #WKCDogShow https://t.co/hzj71CUkJ6 - Phyllis Simmons

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