#WhatsKeptInMyBasement My old phone in case I break this one. It can always be re-activated - Dan, White Plains, NY RT @KittyMcMayhem: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement That guy, Tom, from MySpace. https://t.co/bARHAy2suw - Bridget Lee, Lady Bird RT @chasinblue: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement An embarrassing amount of dust. https://t.co/guqk6RktN2 - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center

#WhatsKeptInMyBasement is an unspeakable horror that once stalked Randolph Carter. It all started when my Uncle pas… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - [Itsa me!] wchrisg, Uncanny Valley,CA RT @CzexanCzik: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement All my beanie babies https://t.co/z3XmG3dIb5 - Helen 🌼📚🌺, Los Angeles, CA #WhatsKeptInMyBasement Your Missing socks - william, England, United Kingdom #WhatsKeptInMyBasement all the February 29th’s that have gone missing over the years - JamoTG RT @iris_bestia: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement My dungeon master https://t.co/J6alySihcE - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center RT @kissapocalips: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement my redneck meth lab, duh. https://t.co/Oq46njcqWO - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center RT @tribetraveler: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement All the crap I "might need someday" - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center #WhatsKeptInMyBasement My collection of 80's carnival mirrors https://t.co/wZRpaC7EZ7 - John De Vito, RI, CT, NC, CA, NJ, and currently in the Dirty Dirty doing some Dirty Dirty Jury service mail. #WhatsKeptInMyBasement - Julie, San Diego, CA RT @MadAnter: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement An underground casino! Every casino chip has a dolphin on it! - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center #WhatsKeptInMyBasement Nothing because I just threw my deadbeat brother Griffin out of my house! https://t.co/ZjRaV3oyAL - Evan Van, Midwest RT @0ffTh3Cuff: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement my rare music collection.. the underground stuff - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center RT @RiepTide1999: A ceramic egg, half box of Cuban cigars and my collection of spoons #WhatsKeptInMyBasement - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center RT @iris_bestia: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement My future trolls https://t.co/KiAt6BgOv4 - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center RT @Dan081275: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement The "shadow government," prepared to act should anything happen to our real leaders. Oops... I proba… - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center #WhatsKeptInMyBasement The Twilight Zone (...in a box set) https://t.co/ViC6bpxFnM - ayeBeast srsly, C🍁N🍁D🍁 🔦🔬🌈🎭🌲📊📖📷🍃 RT @wchrisg0528: My survival bunker for when them aliens come #WhatsKeptInMyBasement https://t.co/LImvno7CoG - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center RT @23Nate: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement my plans to build a Death Star - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center RT @katzz77: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement Girls Only Fight Club It’s Ok We Can Talk About It - Dread Pirate Roberts, Chicago, IL #WhatsKeptInMyBasement my keeping up with the Kardashian’s non-participation trophy - JamoTG RT @CzexanCzik: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement My Easter Bunny Custume https://t.co/0tiv9yxaXY - Dan, White Plains, NY RT @fivefortweeting: #WhatsKeptInMyBasement A Video game playing monkey that eats junk food and loves playing video games 💕 https://t.co/m… - ℬᗅⅅℊℰℛ ℱႮⅅℊℰ, left of center a bilge pump and wine bottles #WhatsKeptInMyBasement - Scoopytime #WhatsKeptInMyBasement All of the souvenirs that I kept from my high school and college graduations - Dan, White Plains, NY

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