THIS is how we honor our troops: UPHOLD AMERICAN VALUES (Fairness, liberty, equality, justice for all) DEFEND CON… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Peter Daou Some very fine people already had a #militaryparade for Donald Trump last year... https://t.co/c2QradSIk6 - Shannon Watts How about a #militaryparade to the Special Counsel's office? - Pedro da Costa, Washington, DC

RT @FriendEden100: RT if you agree the government has NO right planning a #militaryparade while Puerto Rico hurricane victims are going hu… - Sassy Blonde, Live, Love & be a voice 4 change #resist How long before Trump starts wearing a military uniform with a bunch of phony medals like his buddy @SheriffClarke? #militaryparade - Kyle R, Cleveland, Ohio @FriendEden100 They will just cut more from Social Security,Medicare,Education and any other program that is for th… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - arlene lord RT @bill_auclair: A #MilitaryParade down Pennsylvania Avenue to fuel the all-consuming ego of a would-be American dictator and tyrant? Tank… - Waiting for Mueller RT @TheDailyEdge: Trump wants a #militaryparade to prove he's bigger and tougher than the world's other tinpot dictators. Like those dictat… - Maescott Cocaine, heroin, fentanyl seized in $70K drug bust bit.ly/2ENY8o6 #KiaInIndia #WednesdayWisdomtwitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Recovery Concepts, South Carolina, USA RT @AsTheWHTurns: The only #militaryparade I am in favor of is a home coming parade for all of our service men and women coming home from I… - Sylvia As a veterans you want a #militaryparade end a war. - Peter RT @EdKrassen: It's not a "Military Parade". It's a Trump "Look at me, this is my military, so clap for me damn it" parade! #militaryparade - Hobie, TN RT @MassD: Bet he’s so pissed he’s yammering about a nice, distracting #militaryparade. twitter.com/kylegriffin1/s… - NJBells, Lone Star State. RT @shannonrwatts: Some very fine people already had a #militaryparade for Donald Trump last year... https://t.co/c2QradSIk6 - Shawny Perrier, Nederland RT @politvidchannel: Instead of Military Parade THIS is how To honor our troops Trump You And Mike Pence Should Resign #MilitaryParade - Grandpa ✌🏻, Indiana, USA RT @SilverAdie: A #militaryparade has been ordered by Cadet Bone Spurs because he thinks it will be a great opportunity to sell #Maga hats… - Jessica Rabbit, San Francisco, CA RT @Trumptweets2020: My plan for a #MilitaryParade thru DC receiving a mixed reception! Many say it’s another ego-driven 3rd World dictator… - James RT @PatNotPart: With news of @realDonaldTrump's request for a #MilitaryParade breaking, this OpEd by @joshuamanning23 from last fall is aga… - Mona Huffman, North Carolina, USA A complete waste of money. There’s thousands upon thousands of homeless citizens and Puerto Rico is without power.… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Mitchell, Washington, DC What's the point? Just saying... #militaryparade #USA - Stuart C. Fawcett, I'm poor so under a bucket RT @VinnyTimEC: I want a #militaryparade ! 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣 #crybaby #CadetBoneSpurs https://t.co/c7rOlBkIJE - The Monster, Virginia RT @RPMMAS: Trump's not really asking for a #militaryparade. He wants an everybody-look-at-me-and-applaud-my-greatness parade. #Wednesdaywi… - Jason Larsen, United States RT @natureofthings7: #militaryparade When will #CadetBoneSpurs visit “The Tomb Of His Unknown Bone Spurs?” - Donna McArdle, Springfield, MA

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