RT @poolgoddess918: #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I grab my pool cue and bust some balls. https://t.co/9gAG0FxxHM - Vanta Black Secret Society Stable Genius, Screaming into the Void RT @BeKaterInTheSky: #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I post silly meme questions, to see if people will play along to cheer me up. https://t.co/wo… - Vanta Black Secret Society Stable Genius, Screaming into the Void #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I put on dance music and dance with my puppies - The Merry Witch, Texas,USA

I sacrifice a goat to the god-king Baal. #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam - david weiss, Los Angeles I medicate #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam https://t.co/ZhR3vK06go - Geaux Girl, Down Heaum, Louisiana RT @goldwynbird: #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I stick pins in a Tony Blair voodoo doll ! - Andrew, England, United Kingdom #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam Break/throw/slam inferior objects against a hard surface, followed by yelling and cussing. - Juan Miercoles #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I listen to Otep or Filter at an ungodly high volume. - Mr_Tim, Oregon, USA #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I take a mission from God. https://t.co/1JehIwuvkH - jeanjeannie 🌊🌊🌊, Charlotte, NC #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I hit my treadmill. https://t.co/i1FFJnqR7f - Pamela M. Covington, Virginia, USA RT @GreenEyedTwin: #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam music and writing are my outlet - Bailey avril potter, hogwarts RT @ScratchycClark: #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I join a local protest and take Metamusil - Kirsten Del Barga Silly question... Who’s ‘Off Steam’? #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam - Bill Roberts, Ankh-Morpork RT @VixenofMischief: A good ol cry fest suffices #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam - Jim G, SC / USA #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I go to Risa. It’s a Star Trek TNG reference, people. Let’s get it. - david weiss, Los Angeles RT @AliGarab: #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I watch otter videos on YouTube. https://t.co/yZVjLIqclE - Leslie Smith, SF Bay Area #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I listen to loud music as I drive around. https://t.co/10omcKezTR - Geaux Girl, Down Heaum, Louisiana I drive down back roads, screaming at the top of my lungs! #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam https://t.co/oYsCXnhuPW - Jim G, SC / USA RT @solenna_1: #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I go for a spin https://t.co/0JTmC280xl - Cecelia Florence, Washington, USA RT @BrushingOff: Hmm, hashtag games? Sounds harmless enough... #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam https://t.co/dowD4p7lxB - Anonymous Ninja, Los Angeles, CA Trump calls up Stormy & we have a “Get Together” if you know what I mean 🍆 #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam #TuesdayThoughts https://t.co/2ukrjYunN8 - Scaramucci Twin, New York, USA #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I put on some Blues-Soul-R&B-Rock monster tracks and sing along - Andrés J. Mendez, Texas, USA #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I leave everyone to just listen to music in my headphones. - Jonathan kanja, Mufulira #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I write a fight scene. #amwriting - Lucretia Stillwater, West Hollywood, CA I drink whiskey and watch #RockyHorrorPictureShow #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam - kelly champion, In Between, Kentucky #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I just call him over to my fuck chair, put my lips together, & blow. - HistorysHysterectomy #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I suck on smoke. https://t.co/i0EergsGkz - Oscar Zoltano, A little here, a little there but not enough anywhere. #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam I’ll surf the interwebz for sexy coffee images ☕️ https://t.co/7Z0j6awDai - Spider John 🕸☕⛵🧀☠, Airport near you Thanks for playing #WhenINeedToBlowOffSteam Here's hoping we all keep peaceful. ✌❤ https://t.co/qsqHxtBNAS - Brie Queso, Chicago-ish

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