.@DuaLipa performed her songs "New Rules" and "Homesick" tonight on #SNL - watch the videos!… -, New York City The Kings and the Suns didn't play no damn defense. IT is so homesick for Boston, man.… - James Holas, San Diego, CA Okay I’m homesick now wanna go home - Ryan Garcia, Victorville, CA

RT @itsposttmalone: have you ever felt homesick but for a person - Marieke, Antwerpen, België RT @iRelateWords: have you ever felt homesick but for a person - Marii, Oregon I’ve found my home in your arms and im fucking homesick rn ☹️ i miss you so much. 😭💙 - S H A I N E. 🌻, lost 👣 RT @SiteDuaLipaBR: 🎤 Dua Lipa "Homesick" on SNL 💞 (full video) - dio santo, ezry RT @bestduapic: Homesick will always be a meaningful song 🦋💕 #DuaLipaOnSNL - Nadine Hocson, +63 Dua. Singing Homesick. Wowza. - bday boi niall 🎉, New York, USA Seems like is going to die in a moment or two..... afff... Homesick.. sniff sniff.... - Cindy Omaging Uda, Japan Check out this awesome video: Do You Get Homesick di Robomoon - Tocci gabriele, Fermo, Marche @iyadnabel Team smk yg selalu direndah direndahkan... 😭😭😭😭 I couldn't stay at mrsm cause I was too homesick. But ne…… - Related @junglekittencat @qikipedia @julia_zemiro It’s excellent - such a great movie. Can’t recommend it enough. A warning…… - Blair Kelly already homesick - Domik, gay Homesick - Dua Lipa - 세균, 이승훈멋쟁이 @piersmorgan Ah @piersmorgan unlike you @JKCorden talk show actually took off and is watched by millions in USA. Yo…… - Meti, London UK Dua Lipa Performs 'New Rules' and 'Homesick' on SNL - Complex CA, Toronto, Canada Homesick :( - kukii, babyboy 18+ Homesick 😥😥🤦 - Nina_M, Johannesburg. RT @artificaIly: have you ever felt homesick but for a person - Kamri, Oklahoma, USA Homesick for a place I’m not even sure exists - yung teapot, Reno, NV homesick - Aameer Ali Khan, Sibu, Sarawak Dua Lipa SNL Performances Of “New Rules,” “Homesick” – Watch Video… #hot #news - RT @dlipanews: WATCH Dua Lipa perform 'Homesick' on @nbcsnl #SNL here:… - MattDaSwiftieGeek🎮, Lost in Geek entertainment

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