Halftime 📊 KD - 17p/3r/2a Steph - 13p/3s/3a/2r Klay - 8p/3r Zaza - 6p/6r Nick - 6p Draymond - 4p/4r/3a JaVale - 4p - Golden State Warriors, Oakland, CA Zaza doing WORK under the basket 💪 - Golden State Warriors, Oakland, CA Rumor going around Sacramento regarding the shooting prowess of #Warriors C Zaza Pachulia: He (allegedly) made not…… - Monte Poole, San Francisco Bay Area

RT @rcmason1: No one can convince me of ZaZa Pachulia’s purpose on the Warriors. He’s literally out there just making 5 people - Dame St. Patrick🌹🖤, Dreamville🍂 @warriors need replacement for some players, like zaza and mccaw - Andreas Fabian P., Indonesia "the Wizard" Volk Han "the General" Nikolai Zouev "the Natural" Andrei Kopylov "Lightning" Grom Zaza "Terminator" D…… - Lord Mo 🥊 BODYBODYBODYBODY UPPAH! YAHOO!!, Parts Painfully Known RT @QuoteBeauties: - R.H.Sin - Nnyalleng Masilo, Bloemfontein, South Africa Trade Zaza and the whole Warriors bench tbh - Jacob, Los Angeles, CA RT @kaaysita: Mood - Zaza 🇯🇲 RT @warriors: Halftime 📊 KD - 17p/3r/2a Steph - 13p/3s/3a/2r Klay - 8p/3r Zaza - 6p/6r Nick - 6p Draymond - 4p/4r/3a JaVale - 4p - Ej 🍍, MNL, PHL, RT @A4EA_Research: Weekend listening: What's the word that comes to your mind that will affect work on social #accountability (in fragile,… - Pâmella Lomar, San Francisco, CA RT @yousefteclab: Fenerbahçe beat Giresunspor (in Turkey's 2nd tier) 2-1 in the Turkish Cup last night thanks to Mehmet Topal's 94th minute… - Pâmella Lomar, San Francisco, CA RT @_AlanWHUAlan_: So quick summary of the last 2 windows. Out: Ayew Sakho Burke Makasi Oxford Burke Feghouli Zaza Calleri Nordtveit… - Pâmella Lomar, San Francisco, CA @VeeYG *In @jadethajem voice* "Im getting THICK" - Zaza 🇯🇲 does Zaza Pachulia’s mom have a Zaza Pachulia jersey? - b, east bay, ca RT @GoIdenState: McGee>Looney>Zaza - John Yarish, Ball Courts in North NJ/ NYC Here's a quick update on the Kings defense: They're making Zaza Pachulia look useful. - Jon Benne, Bellingham, WA dear nba twitter: let us channel collective hatred for zaza pachulia and allow the sacramento kong’s to eke out a win tonight - alivn, sacramento Some games you don't want Zaza near the court, others, it seems like they couldn't win without him. #Warriors - Lee - Sources and Methods, California, USA @sza my brother is just discovering you and he pronounced your name "zaza"😂😂 - Miguel Bob Myers and Zaza were separated at birth and zaza got the short end of the stick #Warriors #nba - Mitch Cravens, Phoenix, AZ @CarmichaelDave He should be dominating Zaza - Scott Boras Jordan Bell really landed in the perfect spot. Fuck JaVale and Zaza give Bell all the minutes at the 5 - matus, Drexel Heights, AZ GS 80 SAC 66 Q3 4:07 Zaza Pachulia makes layup (Stephen Curry assists) P:19 R:3 A:5 S:2 B:0 T:4 FD:32.1 DK:33.75 - Stephen Curry Zaza has been really good tonight. - Michelle, Oakland, CA All ball by Zaza on the WCS swipe. I wonder what VC said to him while setting up for WCS's FTs. #LetsGoWarriorsLive - Poor Man's Commish, SF, OAK, SJ, NYC, LA, Vegas

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