Candy Crush

.#Rude #Disrespect Democrat played CANDY CRUSH during State of the Union | Daily Mail Online… - Jason Chaffetz, Utah, USA Democratic congresswoman caught on camera playing CANDY CRUSH while Trump delivered State of the Union. You tax do…… - Paul Joseph Watson, London Democratic @RepLawrence caught playing 'Candy Crush' during #SOTU. - Fox News, U.S.A.

Candy Crush or altering classified information??? I think Nunes easily wins slimeball of the day. - Cortney Warwick, Hot Springs Arkansas RT @Rose4Austin2018: Democratic congresswoman caught playing 'Candy Crush' during SOTU #FoxNews Wow, playing games… - Dan Wright, North Cakalacky RT @andylassner: American hero Democrat caught playing Candy Crush during Trump's first SOTU - Heatco, Palm Beach, Florida RT @PrisonPlanet: Democratic congresswoman caught on camera playing CANDY CRUSH while Trump delivered State of the Union. You tax dollars… - MATTHEW RT @dcexaminer: Michigan Democrat played Candy Crush during State of the Union by @emilyjashinsky… - Gary Thompson, Iowa, USA RT @mmpadellan: Oh, the sweet, tasty irony! All the outrage and umbrage over Candy Crush being played while the fake president delivered f… - Dion, ND RT @Education4Libs: Democratic Congresswoman Brenda Laurence was caught playing Candy Crush on her phone during the President’s State of th… - Will Anderson Noblé 🇺🇸, Philadelphia RT @seanhannity: Busted… - Carrie Robinson, Huntsville, AL RT @_Makada_: Democratic Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence caught playing candy crush on her phone during the President's #SOTU speech. I gue… - Tom Pronk RT @bartmckinley: Hard At Work: Photo Exposes Dem Lawmaker & Black Caucus Member Playing Candy Crush During SOTU… - Milley RT @thehill: Dem lawmaker caught playing Candy Crush at Trump's State of the Union - ThoBie, #Xhain RT @FoxNews: Democratic @RepLawrence caught playing 'Candy Crush' during #SOTU. - D. Haney, Georgia, USA @senatedemocrats #demoNAZIS @SenateGOP Hey demoNAZIS . . . REALLY? Stick you candy crush up you ass. - Essen Nauchten #1DDrive, Southie, MA RT @GielAvenue: @RepLawrence @OversightDems Playing Candy Crush during President Trump's SOTU address? These are our elected officials? - #trumpsdreamers, United States @Lawrence Gee larry how many dems sat on their hands during the acknowledgement of crime victims...we're you busy playing candy crush too? - Ed Cornelius guys i have a confession– i still play candy crush here and there. i’m on level 656 lmao - greg, Boston RT @GrrrGraphics: #Michigan You deserve better! #DemocratObstructionists… - #ReleaseTheMemo Alternate headline: Fox News singles out yet another person of color for attempted public shaming… - Brooke Binkowski, California-Mexico-Alaska y más RT @OANN: #RT @GrahamLedger: Disgraceful. Reading texts, messing with Twitter and playing Candy Crush by Democrats during the State of the… - D. Haney, Georgia, USA There’s really no words to astatine this kind of behavior except wow! Democratic congresswoman caught playing ‘Cand…… - Kane West, Florida, USA RT @cvpayne: Wow...unbelievable I just can't imagine she was elected to guide play Candy Crush during the State of the Union...did she win?… - Carla, USA

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