Standing up to my bully #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment #bellletstalk @HashtagZoo - Jillian, New York, NY #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment is this week's @HashtagZoo hosted by @FastLaugh @WeeklyHumorist #BellLetsTalk https://t.co/k9hazs9s5Z - Hashtag Roundup - Awesome # Games!, Detroit, Michigan #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment was when I left! - Dave, Rotorua, New Zealand

RT @Pheramuse: Standing up to my bully #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment #bellletstalk @HashtagZoo - 🦕 #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment was taking a massive dump at school. I used the principals bathroom. Had that pull. - knicks drunk., New York, USA RT @gamename86: When drugs became too much a part of my life, something had to change #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment #BellLetsTalk - Whoopie Kat ✌️☮️☯️, Hidden in Iowa #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment sitting the final exams.... - nollaig kelly, bjd cavan #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment Getting beat by a 'Little Person' in wrestling during gym as a freshman. And yes, we ca… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Hashtag Zoo, #HashtagZoo RT @WeeklyHumorist: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment was when an oil company found a large deposit under the football field and me and my friend… - absrdNEWS, HQ Detroit, Michigan #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment Learning how to look to busy. - Andy Roberts, Somewhere in the West Midlands RT @WeeklyHumorist: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment Spiking the Prom punch with coconut water, so that everyone's hangover wouldn't be quite so… - absrdNEWS, HQ Detroit, Michigan #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment Spilling spaghetti with marinara sauce on a movie landmark because a yellowjacket was f… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Maria Perry RT @WeeklyHumorist: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment Being called to the chalkboard with an erection, without anyone noticing. - absrdNEWS, HQ Detroit, Michigan RT @ben4623: Making it across the stage at graduation without tripping. #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment - Carrie, United States #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment was discovering that a weird sense of humor was both the perfect weapon and suit of armor. - J.T., Nashua, NH RT @colbywinters: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment may have had something to do with this.... https://t.co/Q9VcEkp6VW - Whoopie Kat ✌️☮️☯️, Hidden in Iowa RT @WeeklyHumorist: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment was when I had finally lost enough weight that the bullies could fit me into my locker http… - absrdNEWS, HQ Detroit, Michigan RT @WeeklyHumorist: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment Being able to sign a yearbook, "Roy Moore, District Attorney" https://t.co/UmRYWZEniI - absrdNEWS, HQ Detroit, Michigan RT @RobertOmegaDoom: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment Seeing a poop trail in the mens bathroom. I was in the special hall. Special poops #Bell… - Eduardo Lino, San Diego, CA Getting to be the mascot 😁 #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment - Carrie, United States RT @WeeklyHumorist: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment Being voted "Most Popular", mostly because everyone else had either dropped out or were in… - absrdNEWS, HQ Detroit, Michigan RT @GretelSugar: My tamagotchi dying #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment - Weekly Humorist, New York, NY Passing chemistry even though I skipped class 4 out of 5 days every week 😂 #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment - Alli 🍒 RT @WeeklyHumorist: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment I won Prom King, and Prom Queen went to my right hand https://t.co/T6nIyl6EOy - absrdNEWS, HQ Detroit, Michigan RT @JesseBarfieldPi: When I won “Funniest Person/Most Fun To Be With” #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment - Whoopie Kat ✌️☮️☯️, Hidden in Iowa RT @WeeklyHumorist: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment Turning 40 https://t.co/v4U647oYa9 - absrdNEWS, HQ Detroit, Michigan RT @WeeklyHumorist: #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment was getting kicked off the chess team for doping - absrdNEWS, HQ Detroit, Michigan Never letting the monks hear me shout the safe word #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment - Eddie Ferrero, Norman, OK RT @LukeWheeler01: Graduating in 96 to mirror my parents graduating in 69. #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment - Whoopie Kat ✌️☮️☯️, Hidden in Iowa RT @CoolChris_007: The security guards chasing us because we crashed another Prom... #MyDefiningHighSchoolMoment - Michael, Colorado, USA

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