Denzel Valentine

Denzel Valentine played a solid game last night, scoring 16 points and collecting 11 rebounds against the Lakers: - Chicago Bulls, Chicago Denzel Valentine 16 points Bulls starters 15 points - K.C. Johnson, Chicago Denzel Valentine follows up his best game since moving to bench for Zach LaVine by hitting 3 quick shots. - K.C. Johnson, Chicago

Denzel Valentine 7/10 in the 1st half. The rest of the Bulls were a combined 9/36 - David Schuster, Chicago Bucks up 61-42 at the half. This is what happens when Denzel Valentine gets 4 more shots than anybody else. - Alex Kirschenbaum, Los Angeles, CA RT @NBA: Jason Terry has connected on three triples for a season-high 9 PTS and the @Bucks go into halftime up 61-42 on the @chicagobulls!ā€¦ - šŸJoe šŸ”¶, I answer DMs RT @DarnellMayberry: Halftime: Bucks 61, #Bulls 42. Denzel Valentine with 16 points on 7-for-10 shooting. Bulls starters with 15 points onā€¦ - AK2= A.KarriemA.K, Bay Area, California RT @KCJHoop: Denzel Valentine 16 points Bulls starters 15 points - Glen Franchi #NBA Ā”Descanso! Milwaukee Bucks 61-42 Chicago Bulls. Khris Middleton 10+6+4, Sterling Brown 10+5. Denzel Valentine 16, Lauri Markkanen 6+6. - SportBall RT @NBCSBulls: Giannis hits the fadeaway and pushes the Bucks' lead to 19 at the half. Denzel Valentine the only bright spot with 16 pointā€¦ - Gustavo Vega @chicagobulls @NBCSChicago TV hack Neil Funk on Denzel Valentine: "He's the only Bull remotely close to double figuā€¦ā€¦ - Reg Dunlop, Chicago, IL

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