Jerry Brown

"State governments can actually get stuff done, even in the face of partisan divisions." Watch Jerry Brown's final…… - Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA A standing ovation for Gov. Jerry Brown as he begins his final State of the State speech. Watch live:…… - Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA He gets bored easily. He doesn't like obvious questions. He probably knows what you are going to ask before you ask…… - adam nagourney, Los Angeles, CA

RT @Lrihendry: California Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill allowing illegal immigrants to vote… - Deplorable Hispanic, Florida, USA RT @skb_sara:… NG: President Trump Just Hit California Governor Jerry Brown With Massive Blow — This Is It! #JerryBr… - pjrs, United States RT @CaliConsrvative: Don't give up on California just yet!! Almost 4.5 million people voted for Trump in the 2016 election in California!!… - THETRUMPINATOR RT @FeistyCovfefe: If Jerry Brown and John Kerry are the best potential Presidential candidates Democrats have for 2020, I say... THANK YO… - pjrs, United States @cfltorres Voted out? Mayors & Governors need to be booted w a size 12 & let the screen door remove some ass. Jerry…… - KC57, California, USA THANK YOU @JerryBrownGov >Gov. Jerry Brown looks back, pushes forward in his final State of the State speech… - Sheri #FightBack, Sacramento, California Jerry Brown’s Final ‘State of the State’ Address Thanks Republicans for Saving Obamacare… #news #feedly - Keith Westbrook, Gainesville, Florida RT @Rendon63rd: Gov. Brown is absolutely right. I have not heard a compelling case that this UC tuition increase is necessary. @UofCalifo… - Nancy, California RT @RogerAWells2: When they lock up Jerry Brown let me know - LL WELLS RT @mike_Zollo: California has been absolutely invaded by illegal aliens and instead of deporting them Jerry Brown and the libs give them h… - cattinks RT @PaulRogersSJMN: Jerry Brown said California will soon begin awarding millions for new water storage projects approved by voters during… - castellano RT @PPActionCA: "That is why I intend to join with other governors – and with you – to do everything we can to protect the health care of o… - Anthony Wright, ÜT: 38.549431,-121.766323 RT @DennisCarothers: Is apparent to me that Jerry Brown is trying to destroy California🤡. Why would he do that? Evil times. - Rev Gerald Hennighausen Doctor of Divinity, Spring Creek, NV RT @conserv44110594: JERRY BROWN HAS WAY OUT STAYED HIS WELCOME! For Jerry Brown, the Face of California’s Old Order, the Ranch Is Calling… - 🇺🇸MCGA Release The Memo.🐘, USA 🇺🇸 California governor rebukes Donald Trump in warning of 'immediate and genuine risk' of climate change, nuclear weap…… - ...david jones, #DV #CSA #Daniel_Morgan RT @techweenie: I've noticed that the alt right has a huge investment in claiming Jerry Brown has "ruined" California. ROFL. The state ha… - techweenie 🌊, Planet A @DoxieMama007 @PeggyRuppe People don't get it! The game these politicians play. Jerry Brown already caused a major…… - ManIk-Chand, Los Angeles, CA RT @CALmatters: Now that the governor has finished his address, we can reveal the average score of readers who took our Jerry Brown State o… - CALmatters, Sacramento, CA RT @_ROB_04: if CA, politicians “don’t want to protect their communities, then ICE will.” @ICEgov officials are preparing 4 a massive swe… - 🇺🇸MCGA Release The Memo.🐘, USA 🇺🇸 Gov. Jerry Brown warns of dangers from climate change during final state of the state address…… - East Bay Times, East Bay