I can’t say that on tv 🤣😎#TheFourOnFox - Meghan Trainor, LA- Nantucket Cocoa Sarai has both the voice and the look. #TheFouronfox #TheFour https://t.co/vW30jcYNpe - PopCrush, New York Make sure you watch #TheFourOnFox tonight! 😉😉😉😉😉😉 - Dionne Warwick, Hollyweird

RT @PopCrush: .@Meghan_Trainor thinks Sean has Leo's eyes that look through her soul. What do you think? #TheFour #TheFouronfox https://t.c… - abby, RGV, Texas RT @tanna_i_am: Everytime we're waiting on the rings to light up #TheFouronfox https://t.co/DWQNAhTPg5 - Taylorr ✌🏽, Philly you would think Z girl won the whole competition already the way she be making these side comments about everybody.… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Shay, Philly #TheFouronfox no sugar coating @djkhaled give it to em no #vibe - NikkiFUFU, Birmingham, AL Bout to whip out a candle for my midterm tomorrow to get that vibe @djkhaled #TheFouronfox - zion thanked me for the hug/rt-like my pinned! RT @Ginsburg: Every time I fail at something I want Fergie to shout after me, "Walk your path with pride!" #TheFour #TheFouronfox - ✨christine💖✨ Thinking of adding The Four to the list of auditions! Yay ou nay? 🤔 #TheFourOnFox - Shayna the Singer, Chicago-ish, Il #TheFouronfox Zhavia is so cocky, but her time is coming - Chemeka Character Sent my audition to #TheFouronfox 2018 is about doing new things and pushing myself #$tr8ca$h - Calvin Capone, Atlanta, GA RT @NOVIMBA: The Four on fox is my favorite music competition show of ALL TIME #TheFour #TheFourOnFox 👏👏👏 https://t.co/mkltwKCBro - Rhonda Young THIS SHOW THO!! MEGHAN HOW DO YOU DO IT!! 😬😬 #MeghanTrainor #TheFourOnFox #TheFour @TheFourOnFOX @Meghan_Trainortwitter.com/i/web/status/9… - SarahTota He sounded just like Shawn Mendez. He’s a carbon copy. Not worth a challenge. Be original be yourself @TheFourOnFOX #TheFouronfox - Awarewolf Youniverse, stamford, CT If Sean was on the voice or X factor he would have gotten through on his looks alone ! #TheFour Plays no games!!! 🔥… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - 🇹🇹TriniSupaSaiyin, Trinidad and Tobago They just played ‘infinity’ by 1D and I’m shook #TheFouronfox - Natalia ◟̽◞̽, Dallas, TX Zhavia, wanna be a judge sooo bad 🙄 #TheFour #TheFouronfox - LynGoldz, Brooklyn, NY Oh heck no don't try to compare my babe Shawn to him #TheFouronfox https://t.co/2feCfjCyYx - Nene_17 The main reason I watch #TheFouronfox for @djkhaled and @Diddy @Fergie 💯 - E'Lana, MI Two blue rings, and two red. Sorry Sean, you won't be taking Mr. Mendes' place this time. #TheFour #TheFouronfox https://t.co/3bAV6QAGu9 - PopCrush, New York Can we keep it to one hashtag...and the shortest one ? #TheFouronfox #TheFour - AuntKimmie, Wakanda via MD RT @BmoreLilKey: Eat ! Eat ! Eat ! @djkhaled @Diddy #TheFourOnFox - Zyonnna, United States Bandboy, you are cute and all, but I'm sorry, that was painful to watch... #TheFourChallenge #thefour #TheFouronfox https://t.co/fkF0J4Fql5 - Sardonic Opinions