Stop the casting couch 🛋 #MyAdviceToHollywood - KAYA 🇺🇸 www.KayaJones.com, America #MyAdviceToHollywood is this week's @BombshellTags hosted by @Aricka_Shuck @RedKingsRace @emosewAcaMdaRtwitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Hashtag Roundup - Awesome # Games!, Detroit, Michigan #MyAdviceToHollywood Stop making his asshole movies. https://t.co/2RnF07SLfU - UrbanTakeOne

#MyAdviceToHollywood Stop the remakes/reboots/cinematic universes! Stop clinging to PG-13. You got R and PG. More o… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - jeffzwarren, Anchorage, Alaska, USA RT @wiillums: #MyAdviceToHollywood stop fake caring about current events to stay relevant. - Skype Vaiken RT @CapnCRK78: Stop making PG-13 horror and start making more R rated horror please. #MyAdviceToHollywood - Wesley L., SF RT @fartbagels: More Porgs #MyAdviceToHollywood https://t.co/WsVlzweSZs - Wesley L., SF RT @bigdweeb: More Holly, less wood? #MyAdviceToHollywood - 💋Stephanie💋, Houston, TX RT @MayKelly: #MyAdviceToHollywood Get off your pedestals. You are NOT America's spokespeople. Just go to work in your jobs like everyone… - Skype Vaiken RT @dayna_hamilton5: #MyAdviceToHollywood Stop putting rapists in charge. It's time for #change 💜 https://t.co/1u08uDiDOC - Wesley L., SF RT @fivefortweeting: Pay Female Actors Equally ❤️ #MyAdviceToHollywood - Wesley L., SF America London #MyAdviceToHollywood #Patriots St. Moritz instagram.com/p/Bd7Ysc4l0y5/ - Harry Cliff jr., Zwitserland #MyAdviceToHollywood Get an education https://t.co/MWHhwSQXoo - CFJ 🚫#NoDACA‼️ 🇺🇸, Inside Libs Heads (Lotta Room) RT @RichieRichietwo: More Sportsmanship, Less Harvey #MyAdviceToHollywood https://t.co/xodePO8Zwx - Wesley L., SF RT @NoreenR1: #MyAdviceToHollywood If your Life/Soul are in a Precarious Position Hi CURSING or Praying to @POTUS Will get U nowhere J… - Noreen, Mars Less guys. More Guy. #MyAdviceToHollywood https://t.co/gSuuQSwqvw - Melissa Logsdon, Cleveland, OH RT @SupportTrump10: #MyAdviceToHollywood Move to Canada like you promised when President Trump won the election! - 🇺🇸American Mom🌹 RT @democracy_16: 😆LOL SNL Science Reminds Us of Learning Limitations of the "Base" Attention: #MyAdviceToHollywood "Democrats -- America… - Trisha leblanc RT @zitto007: Be like Hollywood, Florida #MyAdviceToHollywood - Wesley L., SF RT @supertopseven: #MyAdviceToHollywood Your world is based on race, gender, outward physical appearances, 'stereotypes' and then creating… - 蘇文[ &彬 #MyAdviceToHollywood Don't hire porn stars like kim Kardashian - Zac #MyAdviceToHollywood A six shooter handgun fires 6 rounds not 15. An Uzi does not fire 500 rounds, even if bad guys… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - WestTexasDust, Texas...Nuff said. #MyAdviceToHollywood If your Life/Soul are in a Precarious Position Hi CURSING or Praying to @POTUS Will get U… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Noreen, Mars RT @Alexmariocoast: #MyAdviceToHollywood Always have character, emotion, depth and substance into your latest big budget summer blockbuster - 蘇文[ &彬 RT @ChelleAo89: Fuck off. #MyAdviceToHollywood - Erich Raldesen, Kentucky, USA Bring back hand-drawn animated films. #MyAdviceToHollywood - Nestor, Sweet Valley Polytechnic RT @code4promo: discount promo code for iHerb . SAL5289 . #MyAdviceToHollywood https://t.co/121OqzF4np - 蘇文[ &彬 #MyAdviceToHollywood Keep your pants on please. - Wesley L., SF

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