Arthur Blank

#Falcons owner Arthur Blank 2016 and 2017 - Dov Kleiman Falcons playoff heartbreak goes on. Can't help but wonder if Arthur Blank sits on his hands after another crushing defeat - Jason La Canfora, B-More, Maryland Here's your annual Arthur Blank filled with sadness gif. - Jay Cost

Maybe Arthur Blank (Owner of the @Falcons would find more wins if I had more luck finding someone on the floor to help me at his @HomeDepot - David Brody, RT @CryingJordan: Live look Arthur Blank 😂😂😂 Credit - @bighurtrocks - Aldo Chavez, Toronto, Ontario RT @FitzyGFY: Arthur Blank! Don't go on the field! Have you learned nothing? - Abbey Jones, Providence, RI RT @AkajohnnyB: You would think, after losing a 28-3 lead last year, Arthur Blank would stay off the sidelines. - Abbey Jones, Providence, RI Kylie Jenner RUSHED to the Hospital in LABOR!! Corey Davis Hawaii Sark Gerrit Cole Chuty Ar…… - Chief Grey Wolf Funny how Arthur Blank shows up on sidelines and opponents score 38 unanswered points ..Super Bowl and tonights pla…… - Nick Byers RT @NFL_DovKleiman: #Falcons owner Arthur Blank 2016 and 2017 - :), Valhalla I liked a @YouTube video Arthur Blank why - UnKnOvvNPeRsOnA, Parts Unknown @AndyWEEI Gotta love the (Arthur) Blank Stare. Yet another year he's sent Home (Depot). - Demetri Rizos, Danvers, MA @BillSimmons as soon as they showed Arthur Blank on the sideline I knew #Eagles had it won - Kevin Rodden, Philadelphia RT @JBinNC_: Arthur Blank always has to get on the field to experience the L in-person. - DaenerysT, North Carolina @RyanHannable Wonder if Arthur Blank is watching? - sulldog @FanRagSports Kiss a death ask Arthur blank - Robbie Robertson RT @mattgothardtv: The Falcons record with Arthur Blank on the sideline cannot be good. - Thomas Bergamasco, Norwalk, Connecticut @AngeloCataldi When that Arthur Blank guy comes down on the field you know the Falcons are mushed - Patrick Gavin, Balto, MD, US, Earth, MilkyWay Arthur Blank does more to cost his team the game by being on the sidelines than Ty Lue. OK, maybe that’s a little harsh. - Matt Fottrell, California, USA

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