Landon Donovan

Rumors flying in NA this morning USA legend Landon Donovan may unretire … to Liga MX? RIP - Futhead, Worldwide I can't explain how badly I want this Donovan to Liga MX story to be true.… - Maxi Rodriguez, Los Angeles, CA Soooo when does Landon Donovan get his #USMNT callup? 😏 - Philip Wang, Arvada, Colorado

RT @reneromanosport: A great source has just informed me, Landon Donovan will be presented at the halftime of tomorrow's game between Leon… - ElRatonVaquero RT @eliyanett: It's official. For the second time, Landon Donovan is coming out of retirement and this time to play with León. I can't beli… - Coquito Papi, Fort Worth, TX Holy shit. Landon Donovan is really coming out of retirement to play for Leon????? - K B First Jonathan Gonzalez chooses Mexico over the US, now Landon Donovan I guess is going to Leon. They say things co…… - Joe Tansey, Burlington. New Jersey So, with the Landon Donovan news...... when are MLS critics gonna call Liga MX a "retirement league"? - dxmanning 🦈, Washington D.C.-ish WTF...Landon Donovan out of retirement and will play in la Liga MX! - Jesus RT @PremierRumors: BREAKING: In a surprise move, United States legend Landon Donovan has come out retirement to join Club Leon of Liga MX.… - George Gines, Chicago, IL Landon Donovan new Leon player @ZwebackHD - Julio Avila Wait what...Landon Donovan is back?… - Owen🔱, Columbus, OH Whaaaa? Landon Donovan 😱 Seriously? - Yenisey, Here & now It's official. For the second time, Landon Donovan is coming out of retirement and this time to play with León. I can't believe it. - Elizabeth Castillo, Texas/Puebla So Landon Donovan is going to play in Liga MX with León...this would have been dope like 10 years ago. 😴 - Esteban Hernández, Las Vegas, NV Landon Donovan really came out of retirement again 😭 - Christian Is Landon Donovan really going to play in Mexico? - Costanza Wallet, Oakland, CA I don’t get it, is the Landon Donovan stuff serious? It seems like a joke - Alexis Medina Landon Donovan going to @LIGABancomerMX and joining #Leon, is a random and strange occurrence. - Juan Snow, Los Angeles ✈️ Philadelphia @herculezg so is that Landon Donovan stuff still false?👀🤔 #honestquestion - socceroo RT @el_reportero: Unbelievable but true: ex-US international Landon Donovan signs with León of the #LigaMX – after a career of making Mexic… - Noticaribe, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México So is it still the "R.I.P. Landon Donovan Memorial" MVP award? - Homegrown Capo, 1060 W Addison Street Specially with a player like LANDON DONOVAN, hated by almost all Mexicans and that had a VERY GOOD career, at least…… - Andrea G., Buenos Aires, Argentina

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