#AamirKhan is all praises for #SaifAliKhan's #Kaalakaandi, says haven't laughed this much since Delly Belly-…… - pinkvilla, Mumbai, India Delly gets ejected for a hard foul on Beal 😳 - Bleacher Report HAIL MARY from Delly to Giannis!! - Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee, WI

@KarlPhenom @SithLordAR @T_James32 Yeah not a wise decision. Btw, we're paying delly $10M a year lmao! - WolfMan, Neenah, WI @Delly_R5 DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT - ella☃️, colorado✌️ @okellington The hell is this tweet? 😂 - Dani 🦁, The Circus @x_WolfMan_41 @SithLordAR @T_James32 not a good idea to sail and watch delly pound the air out of the ball or shoot…… - Living da dream @1057FMTheFan God Delly gets on my nerves. When every player score atleast a point and you got a guy on the court w…… - Anthony Xiong This "young" excuse with the Bucks has to stop. Delly, snell, Middleton, Henson, Bledsoe etc are not young guys. #FireKidd - Kyle Kaminski To go to the Walk The Moon concert in February or??? - Dani 🦁, The Circus RT @tarheeljks: Frankly it was wise for Kerr to sit Curry. Delly lurking out there - Nate tooth extraction + vaccine = deds na c delly ☠️ - Krizia 🌺 @UMPHreakof85 @1057FMTheFan @Bucks Because kidd wanted Delly to get more looks. Delly was hot it was smart of our g…… - Jtory79, Milwaukee, WI @RaphaelM_20 @MrKoznation @Cook78pc @Bucks I did see warriors writers questioning why delly was on the floor in the 4th - John Utah, Insecure fans' minds RT @KneesDeepOnEm: @Bucks Why did delly play so much tonight? What has Sterling Brown done wrong to not earn playing time in the second hal… - Milwaukee BUCKS, Milwaukee, WI @brewhoop DElly is smelly - Rodizell Spizzell @pencil2292 Fair enough. But there were questionable decisions by Kidd (e.g., keeping Delly in, not playing Brown a…… - Continuous Loop of Mediocrity, Philadelphia, PA @malinger16 @1057FMTheFan He missed Bledsoe on the bench untill less than 5 min left in the game. Lead was gone at…… - Kory Stoffers, Milwaukee RT @MicahRoschke: Brown & Snell play Kidd stops playing them. Middleton & Delly cant score or stop Kidd keeps playi… - Daniel Galligan, Milwaukee, WI Hey fix your servers @EASPORTSFIFA - Jack Donaghy, Lost in Southern California @fswisconsin No. No, no no no. Nope. We scored just fine until you decided to play Delly for half of the fourth. - Tommy Malecki @mookiealexander Love the 2015 finals being seen as a failure despite being without Kyrie and Love lmao, like TT an…… - Dom Good game Delly you fucking BUM. I'm calling for Kidds head. HE STINKS. - Kyle, Minneapolis @PrimeTimeMook Ur cousin dirty snell can shoot too! But not ur Cuzzin delly! Lmao straight trash from Australia - Mack Sauce, GoodLife, Mass @Bucks What were Delly’s stats? - Tommy Malecki @SithLordAR delly is the cream next to my balls after a long day of work - Living da dream RT @warriorsworld: Delly is poverty - Gabriellelo @fmaddenNBA Ready to cut Delly - cp RT @cade_krohn: I'm starting to think get Delly out of Milwaukee - pluim, United States @brewhoop I believe Sterling Brown should have been out there, Delly on the cot in the locker room bcuz Delly is so…… - Rodizell Spizzell

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