Seeing them and loving them. #BlackHogwarts twitter.com/IceKareemy/sta… - J.K. Rowling, Scotland "We asked Gryffindor Jimmy Jacobs if he was worried about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's impending return. Here's what… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Jeff J., New York, NY #BlackHogwarts: We actually wrote an animated show where we get stuck in a magical HBCU. A bunch of TV networks pas… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - The Bros Abide, United States

RT @DevBea: Me noticing that there are #BlackHogwarts tweets. https://t.co/4l3jQS4nQ9 - DeuceTheProducer, In my room making beats... RT @albert12nunez: Hagrid: "today class we gonna pet a dragon" Class: #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/eCnaXodPHq - S K Betts, Harlem/NY/NJ RT @SlaylerJ: Tomi Riddle. #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/I7vFbhGLB8 - Zephanie Battle, Texas, USA Divination class. #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/dznJbGrtIN - Bite Me 👄, United States RT @NikeRobot12: How Dobby was looking at Lucius when that sock fell out of Tom Riddle's diary #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/hhiPRwCXjM - asfgg, snapchat: ale_pitti RT @candacetukes: Snape when he finally got the position for Defense Against the Dark Arts #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/wk4rI1xBlC - $tressica, VCU / 757 RT @Johnlloyd_IV: One of the seven hocruxes #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/rGxgK8RGCJ - princess, RT @TonyHinderman: first day in Hagrids class #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/mKBfu9SMpl - lilyy, ohio RT @harris_rashard: #BlackHogwarts Voldemort: “HARRY POTTER” Harry: https://t.co/JxmrxrklCp - machez riz #BlackHogwarts tweets are pretty much the best thing on this goddamn website right now. - Oh Frack!, Star City (except in May) RT @XHNews: #BlackHogwarts goes viral, wins @jk_rowling's love. Which part is your favorite?xhne.ws/sLE6M https://t.co/E1sPBDPRCr - Gina Batista RT @Reshadjason: Moaning Myrtle haunting the bathrooms like... #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/K31A2Xflip - james RT @lucasbros: #BlackHogwarts: We actually wrote an animated show where we get stuck in a magical HBCU. A bunch of TV networks passed on it… - Brady. RT @dflash76: When you got something for those Dementors' asses, expecto patronum! #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/x4skd6OQI0 - nanta, ประเทศไทย RT @Susana0172: Mad-eye Moody #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/91TeZgDUXy - hixtape?? where she @?? RT @yxngvim: When the sorting du rag puts you in Huffleblood #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/miQeiAWXJT - Tyra Gomez✨, Brooklyn, NY RT @diegosfanpage: Harry confronting Voldemort about why he killed his parents #blackhogwarts https://t.co/dkRQIZRCTG - asfgg, snapchat: ale_pitti RT @Miklo____: Since #BlackHogwarts is trending right now, I gotcha with this 🔥 https://t.co/MYlqg5Mloa - Oluwa RT @Nathaniel_J22: when you find out they bout to put buckbeak down #BlackHogwarts https://t.co/evO1dfHknB - 6LACK pronounced SLACK.

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