David Gudeman, the other named plaintiff, on why he's suing Google: "to make the consequences of going along with t…… - James Damore, Mountain V Fear God over consequences. First ask "is this right?" Not "will I be liked." - KB, Tampa, FL Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White suggested people send her their January salary or face consequences from God…… - Newsweek, New York, NY

RT @KaiKaros: 1 in 10 adolescents have their #pain dismissed during #adolescence, often by parents or #doctors which is especially distress… - Matt Harris PT, ATC RT @KingWenclas: What's truly amazing to me is how graduates of America's best universities are released spouting an ideology about which t… - About Western Movies, U.S.A. RT @MOHD_Ks: BUHARI's code is not Nigeria but Muslim-North? Can you imagine the nonsense some of you tweet here? You carry such nonsense… - Umar Muhammad, Nigeria MY TOP 3 (don't @ me i love them all) consequences she loves control real friends - ‏ً, ⚢ RT @AdamSchiffCA: Character counts everywhere. But when it is lacking in the White House, the consequences are dire. Once again, he has bro… - Rhonda D Willoughy consequences is about.... - a RT @RonaldKlain: If only someone had warned us about the cost and consequences of having a hateful bigot as President.… - Rosemary RT @RitaPanahi: Sorry, no takesy backsy...there are consequences for joining a sadistic group of monsters who torture, rape & murder en ma… - Gene, hear their or anywhere is consequences what i think it’s about - meg Never Be The Same, Consequences, In The Dark, and Into It >>> - Kyn 💕 Russia doesn't care anymore who knows what they are doing. As usual, there will be no consequences for Russia. Rus…… - ilroed☕️, British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦 6. Consequences Loving you was sunshine, but then it poured and I lost so much more than my senses 'cause loving y…… - joel, Manila, Philippines i'm 43 seconds into consequences and i have actual chills #CAMILA - cass, sc dc jw but loving you had consequences - inactive bc pre, girls who do themselves She loves control, somethings gotta give, into it, consequences… - mina RT @nancyberman: #CAMILA song ranking after first listen: Something’s Gotta Give Consequences Into It Never Be the Same In The Dark All Th… - 👑, The Woodlands, TX RT @artisticlifford: inside out / consequences #ThisIsCAMILA - mauro, CA RT @SulomeAnderson: Five months ago, the President said killing Muslims with bullets dipped in pig's blood was an effective counterterroris… - Megan Dakin, Omaha, NE fuck consequences just started - larissa RT @ClaireMicallef_: “Character matters. How you treat other people matters. Actions have consequences, and sometimes those consequences in… - Jens Henningsen Banning one of the world's safest and most effective crop protection chemicals has serious consequences for... - HCIA, Hawaii, USA consequences and somethings gotta give made me feel so many things i’m emotionally damaged #camila - ㅤً #ILLNEVERBETHESAME after #ALLTHESEYEARS WatchingHow #SHELOVESCONTROL OfHerMusic, FROM #HAVANA ToTransformUs…… - ♛kueenkat♛, earth RT @littledimples_: Consequences makes me cry #Camila - 5H+CC🌹, .....Waiting for CAMILA ouch i’m three seconds into consequences and i’m hurt - em Not to be dramatic or anything but "Consequences" has my entire soul heart blood veins everything 😭… - barby • PLS CAMILA 🦋 -63, Ariana x4 // Camila x2 🇦🇷💍

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