Nick Holden

RT @MarkLazerus: Nick Holden from the point. - Jen, Northwest Indiana Nick Holden answers for #NYR !! 1-1 with the #Blackhawks at the end of the first period. - Pure Sports NHL @CharlieWisco I still hate Nick Holden - Steamin' Willy Beamin' Borowski, NY

Me when my bae, my spirit animal Nick Holden scores 😍😍😍 - Phil Jaffe, Sewell, New Jersey RT @RangersGal: Nick Holden does 1 thing out of 3325733 right. #nyr - Steve Bell @ScottWhitmore it's nick holden, skip that bit - AAVVAALLAANNCCHHEE GOAL SCORED BY NATHAN GRUENHOLZ, Indiana, 49th smartest state @CharlieWisco Is Nick Holden the next Great One? Only time will tell - will i am, New York, NY that was easily the best shot nick holden took in his career so far lmao🚨🚨🚨 - michelle, LI,NY ☯ RT @GoalNHL: NYR: Nick Holden (3) assists: Paul Carey (5), Boo Nieves (8) Goalie Jeff Glass (NYR 1, CHI 1 - 18:09 1st) - 20-13-5 NYR, SI, NY Me every time Nick Holden scores #NYR - Sean 💙🗽❤️(21-13-5), Gainesville, FL RT @SiriusXMNHL: After 20 minutes at MSG, the #Blackhawks and #NYR are tied 1-1 thanks to goals from Vinnie Hinostroza (2) and Nick Holden… - Rob McKenzie, Abbotsford @NHLBlackhawks A shame even Nick Holden can score on us - CHI (18-14-6), Chicago, IL Nick Holden scored that period. Patrick Kane did not. Is Nick Holden a better goalscorer than Patrick Kane? Folks I…… - Charlie End of the first #NYR 6 #Blackhawks 14 Rangers not the start the way they wanted but finished the period strong wit…… - TrueBlue 🗽🍎 Nick Holden describes NYR pretty well. Kinda undeserving of being tied but there he is, getting that goal and “earning” ice time. - cardboard collector RT @DonRossJnr: @BryanWojtanik Nick Holden = Offensive juggernaut. - Woj, Buffalo, NY End of first period Blackhawks and Rangers tied 1-1 with goals by Vinnie Hinostroza and Nick Holden SOG Blackhawks: 14 Rangers: 6 - Kiki's Keys, Illinois, USA Nick Holden just scored a goal. Remember when Patrick Roy called AV crying around about NYR just got his best defensemen. Lmao. - Sonny Doney, Western 406 RT @CMS_74_: Nick Holden's tees one up from the point and finds twine. 1-1. #Blackhawks #NYRangers - Scott Powers, Chicago, IL Nick Holden is still trash though - Safe In A Crowd, Jersey Shore @BryanWojtanik Nick Holden = Offensive juggernaut. - Don Ross, Melbourne After 20 minutes at MSG, the #Blackhawks and #NYR are tied 1-1 thanks to goals from Vinnie Hinostroza (2) and Nick Holden (3) #CHIvsNYR - 🚨SiriusXM NHL Network🏒, Canada RT @DenisGorman: Nick Holden’s goal with 1:51 left in the first means the Rangers have broke…Glass. #NHL #Blackhawks #NYR #NYRangers #Range… - Alex C, wherev RT @BryanWojtanik: NICK HOLDEN STILL TRASH!!!! - Will Tunechi Nick Holden had the goal for New York. - WGN Radio Sports, Chicago, IL RT @ScottyHockey: Nick Holden, ha-frickin-ha. - Alex C, wherev I hate Nick Holden still. The only reason he's in the lineup is because he scores a goal every 10 games. It's abysmal. - Steamin' Willy Beamin' Borowski, NY Nick Holden goal. - BETZ™, Huntsville, AL Nick Holden scores on a Duncan Keith screen. 1-1 #Blackhawks - The Rink

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