Tonight’s episode of #catfish is legit crazy. We’ve seen a lot of strange things, but the level of insane coinciden… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Nev Schulman And they know each other? Talk about a small world #Catfish https://t.co/d96VJE042U - Catfish If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. #WednesdayWisdom #Catfish - Nev Schulman

RT @Beeverlyemm: #Catfish Nev: we just got off the phone right? Dartallius: https://t.co/Q2D7Jbxb5U - Mαtt Edω, Clueless🌀🌀 #Catfish got me like https://t.co/ThFx62iBtQ - SheShe, Kansas City Mo RT @SuperWomanista: #Catfish is really bleeping out this dude’s last name like there’s other people named Dartallius - KerrieB, Barbados RT @CatfishMTV: Okay this is too much...a communal profile? SHEESH #Catfish https://t.co/xJrKJ0LEsP - Linda Vane, Lubbock, Texas RT @karrah_profitt: Talli Donell Darius Dartallius which 1 are you my nigga ?😂#Catfish https://t.co/GafM2EAgvp - 🤴🏿King Darius🌈♎️✨, LBC ✈️ NYC Oh how I missed you guys! #Catfish - Christina Scharneck, Monee, IL RT @CatfishMTV: You know how mad I'd be getting catfished by an ex I was trying to avoid! 😂 #Catfish - iamtrendbot, Cyberspace Lul who programmed this bot. Might be an alien experiment on human mating tbh.. #Catfish https://t.co/ebOXk3idW5 - sadpe pe, Los Angeles, CA #Catfish is so good! Never would’ve ever guessed this plot twist! - THE Lena!, Cali Yasmine is a cutie. Slide in my dms girl💓❤️ #Catfish - liv, Illinois USA RTF PRESENTS RioDaGreat-OnEDaY//OffIcIaLViDeO youtu.be/gcKviWV6aE8 via @YouTube #Catfish Chicago #njwk12twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - blck88, ON THA 16TH FLOOR RT @MyNameIsTeesha: Dartallius fine tho #Catfish #catfishmtv https://t.co/AHI3lHutzP - ❤️Shay. RT @_JasmineNadia: Nev be looking in people houses like 😂😂😂😂#Catfish https://t.co/d3OAPBKhKO - ❤️Shay. RT @Prettynthin: The BEST #catfish episode is when his cousin catfished him because he called her a fat kelly price LMFAOOOOOO WILL ALWAYS… - Jada Mathis 👑, Det✈️Clt Dell Laptop Support | Toll Free 1-800-463-5163 #https://globaltechsquadinc.com/support-for-dell-laptop.html #njwk12twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Stella Parker🇺🇸, United States RT @yoaveragemo: Everyone knows the best drama on this show is with black people so I know this episode about to be good #Catfish https://t… - ❤️Shay. RT @k_jenxx: How you gonna catfish somebody and then say you can’t be with them if they’re cat fishing you??? How dat work? #Catfish https:… - ❤️Shay. RT @NevSchulman: Tonight’s episode of #catfish is legit crazy. We’ve seen a lot of strange things, but the level of insane coincidence toni… - Omojefe Ugbeyan, Berkeley, CA RT @oh_heyquim: Uhmmm sis, real quick. You can’t be mad that you got catfished … you are also a catfish #Catfish https://t.co/r6nC0nImcL - Omojefe Ugbeyan, Berkeley, CA RT @Gill_408: You know ya team suck when you stop watching the game to see #Catfish 🤦🏽‍♂️ - Rosemary WifKinson Militians, Having a question about the game? Leave it here in comments and we will make a video tutorial for you!… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Maze Militia, India RT @__R4REBEAUTY: Dartallious 😳 #Catfish https://t.co/rOumi6QrPz - Omojefe Ugbeyan, Berkeley, CA RT @ForgettinNic_: Lmaoo a catfish is mad at a catfish because they catfished each other & they're exs oh ok I can't 😂😂 #Catfish https://t… - Omojefe Ugbeyan, Berkeley, CA RT @CatfishMTV: TODAY is the day! #Catfish https://t.co/gqOFM4Ynv3 - naty 🌹, Stockton, CA RT @maaddds_: How I feel about #Catfish coming back tonight https://t.co/UOarxVaGCx - Omojefe Ugbeyan, Berkeley, CA

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