We’re watching fireworks in Hong Kong as people there say hello to 2018. Follow the New Year around the world… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - CNN From Hong Kong to Sydney, Australia to Seoul, South Korea, people are ringing in 2018 with fireworks, music and cel… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - CNN Photos from New Year's 2018 celebrations around the world #CNNNYE cnn.it/2EmC5UV https://t.co/l4b39w4j4E - CNN

When life gives you lemons, get shit-faced like Don Lemon. #CNNNYE - Cee Cee, Novato, CA #CNNNYE LOVE WATCHING THIS COVERAGE! @andersoncooper and @Andy are awesome as always! Happy New Year From Dallas, Texas!!! - Shouri G., Dallas, TX @Andy @andersoncooper @CNN so wish I was in NYC right now Happy New Year 2018!! #CNNNYE - John A. Labban, Jacksonville, FL Happy new year @andersoncooper , @Andy and everyone! We’re watching you from Quebec! #CNNNYE - Francis St-M. Rochon, Sorel-Tracy #CNNNYE Watching the Gold Star duo @Andy and @andersoncooper ring in the New Year. Happy New Year from Arizona. - Rico Pimentel, Gilbert AZ... RT @BrandiW09505737: #cnnnye Kathy!!!! Please come on the air- YouTube or something! PLEASE!!!!! This show SUCKS without you!!!! - Lisa Chesser #CNNNYE Happy and safe new year to all from Pittsburgh, Pa. - Uncle Leo RT @BlaiseRyndes: @Andy and @andersoncooper are such a good team!!! Happy New Year!! 🎉🥂 #CNNNYE - eyra RT @ashvirginia_: I'm concerned about the mental stability of those willing standing in Times Square tonight. #CNNNYE - Rozzy Amy Sedaris needs to take over for everyone on #CNNNYE - Tanner Frost Bowen waiting for someone to scream #Fakenews LIVE LOL #CNNNYE - Paulo Smith, PLANET EARTH Yikes! CNN #fail! Come on! Trump is lapping this 💩show up! #CNNNYE - Melanie ❄️, Pennsylvania, USA 80 degrees here in Cabo San Lucas for NYE!! Wishing you all warmth and joy for this new years! #CNNNYE - Izzy I’m embarrassed to be watching a news channel where one of the hosts thinks gingers are a race. I guess it answers… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Landen Happy new year from P.E.I @CNN #CNNNYE - XxgamerxX1677, From The Realm Of Gaming And Anime RT @SeanieFarrelli: the #Poppers incident on #CNNNYE made #GayMen everywhere laugh hysterically. - C A U T I ⚫️ N, Palm Beach, FL RT @PrancingPapio: A few mins into this new #CNNNYE with Andy Cohen and it's already a train wreck that I can't stop watching. 😒 https://t.… - 😂💕🌸 #CNNNYE Happy New Year from Chicago, IL - Kendra, Brookfield, IL I’m happy Anderson finally put on gloves. #CNNNYE - Todd Nishimura, Toronto, ON Wishing @kathygriffin was doing #CNNNYE I miss her!!! Definitely not the same!!! ☹️ - Gustavo Reyes, Ceres Ca RT @cassyuri: Wow, this is worse than I thought #CNNNYE - Kevin Krasnow, Washington, DC Awkward ,stiff and not funny. Wtf? Bring Back #KathyGriffin #CNNNYE - annie, United States RT @KentNYC1: Watched the first 10 minutes of #CNNNYE and already bored .Just not the same without @ @kathygriffin. Sorry @Andy & @anderson… - #, in her pink bubble The real reason to celebrate new year's eve right here. Happy new year, yo #CNNNYE - Simply Felicia, Orlando, Florida #CNNNYE Anderson is probably thankful he isn’t getting groped by Kathy right now. Hopefully Don Lemon gets drunk again. - Eric, Delmarva Peninsula Happy New Year from Memphis, Tn Love watching AC & AC ring in the New Year #CNNNYE - HORIZONS_Jim #CNNNYE: Happy New Year from Sierra Leone - Desmond Johnson

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