Douglas County

DEVELOPING: "Multiple deputies are down" amid an "active" situation in Douglas County, Colorado, sheriff's office s…… - CBS News, New York, NY BREAKING: Multiple Deputies Down In Douglas County, Colorado -… - Breaking911, Visit us at The Douglas County Sheriff’s office just outside Denver tweets that there are “multiple deputies down” in an “activ…… - NPR

RT @CBSNews: UPDATE: One deputy was shot and killed and 4 others were injured while responding to a domestic disturbance in Douglas County,… - Lynnette Lugo, some where in the universe RT @EmilyAReports: Fall Officer’s body arrives to Douglas County Coroner’s Office. Law enforcement, civilians silent, sober and tearful wat… - Brian RT @Breaking911: BREAKING: Multiple Deputies Down In Douglas County, Colorado -… - Mike Veblen, Northern burb of Minneapolis RT @LAPDHQ: Twice this weekend, LAPD Officers were shot at, with one being hit. Now tragic news of a deputy in Douglas County, CO shot & ki… - NotAfriendOfJack RT @KerryLeary: It's amazing to watch the procession for the fallen Douglas County Sheriff Deputy. First responders are lining the route.… - ChrisMills, Colorado, USA RT @denverpost: UPDATE: Seven people are confirmed at area hospitals following the Douglas County shooting this morning. The suspect remain… - jav, Los Angeles RT @KRDONC13: First responders gathered along I-25 in south metro Denver today as the procession for a fallen Douglas County deputy travele… - jodster36, WI RT @shannonrwatts: Domestic gun violence in America endangers police and women, yet the @NRA fights In statehouses, courtrooms and all the… - Tula Goenka, Syracuse, NY, USA RT @dcsheriff: Press conference scheduled reference #CopperCanyonOIS for noon at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Substation 9250 Zotos… - The Responder News, Port Angeles, WA RT @ScreamngEagle: Hey folks ! Let's be praying for Douglas County Sheriff's Dept. They lost one of their own ! I've spoken with various… - Amy Reppond, Southern Indiana RT @shannonrwatts: "If we want to protect police, let's look at what's killing them, and what's killing them is guns"… - Khary Penebaker, Waukesha, WI RT @Thomas1774Paine: The Latest: Five deputies shot, one killed in Denver suburb… - Gr8 RT @9NEWS: Douglas County Fallen Officer Fund… #CopperCanyonOIS - microwaveee 🐸 🎃, look out your window RT @danibostick: @kylegriffin1 Meanwhile, not a word from him on the situation in Douglas County, Colorado. Drops that "2nd A" tweet and hi… - spyderkl 🖕🏼👖, Colorado RT @SaintRedeemable: Do not hesitate to ask for anything from the #MAGA community, LEOs in Douglas County #BackTheBlue We are here to fig… - Linda Holland, North Carolina, USA RT @RealSaavedra: NEW PHOTOS: Photos from inside Copper Canyon where the shooting happened in Douglas County. - News_vs_Opinion, United States RT @RedTRaccoon: Here are the statistics in regards to incidents involving guns in the United States in 2017. This does not include the ev… - charles collier RT @Vext6: I'm glad we are stopping terrorists from entering the country as we have more than enough Americans who are quite capable of goi… - LindaTpa RT @WxTrackerDaryl: South Metro FD and Citizens stop on overpass above I-25 in Douglas County to pay respect for fallen @dcsheriff Deputy.… - Kyla Hunter, Mississauga, ON Prayers for Douglas County Sheriffs, for family of deceased officer and to deputies recovering in hospital.… - Longmont Area Dems, Longmont, Colorado RT @shaun505: Everything we know right now about the multiple deputies down in Douglas County… - Guardian_Elite, Southern California Our thoughts and prayers are with the Douglas County Sheriff’s department, along with the friends, family and partn…… - LA County Sheriff's, Los Angeles County, California RT @bluelivesmtr: Our hearts and prayers are with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office this morning. @dcsheriff #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlu… - Lynn Craner, United States RT @dereckntorres: My heart aches waking up to this news from Colorado. Praying for Douglas County Sheriff's office, who have lost an offic… - Alex Martinez Rivera

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