Hideo Itami

The cruiserweight division could be: Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Ricochet, Enzo Amore, Rockstar Spud, powerpoint prese… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Cageside Seats, Quad Cities RT @411wrestling: Hideo Itami Makes CM Punk Reference Before Raw #HideoItami #WWE #RAW #CMPunk 411mania.com/wrestling/wwe-… https://t.co/j0XGVVI… - Ayanna Chevannes, Queens, NY RT @mrdangerously: "GTS, a move invented by Hideo Itami." -Corey Graves. I love this song. https://t.co/kNH22MGfd1 - Johan(ni)

Hideo Itami def. The Brian Kendrick dlvr.it/Q7blxl https://t.co/szFJNROUGf - chordsd Hideo Itami def. The Brian Kendrick dlvr.it/Q7blwn https://t.co/DXU4Fo34K9 - Becky Lynch, New Orleans, LA Hideo Itami is the biggest waste of talent in the @WWE Guy was a bust. #Raw - BC4Life, Anywhere And Everywhere @TheEmilJay Hideo Itami (Kenta) is the original user of the G.T.S. CM Punk actually copied him. Learn your history outside of WWE please. - Codie Barto, Duncan, OK @Moniquesabrina_ lmk when Hideo Itami has a match of the year with John Cena - #BROKEN Headbanger, 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, PA Hideo Itami def. The Brian Kendrick dlvr.it/Q7bkY9 https://t.co/Yg11K01PZU - Edgardo Flores F, Costa Rica Hideo Itami vs. The Brian Kendrick: Raw, Dec. 25, 2017 dlvr.it/Q7bkKH - WWEFantasyPlus, The Web Hideo Itami def. The Brian Kendrick dlvr.it/Q7bjsN -dld.bz/fHqq6 https://t.co/U8rqAKt8RI - Rock Bottom Champion, Miami, FL RT @samuelrgreen: Michael Cole just said Hideo Itami was “one of the most decorated superstars in the history of Japan’s sports entertainme… - Rhino Linings of Van, Vancouver WA @FireflyCult (*Uses a cheat code to delete Hideo Itami from Google*) - Taryn., New Orleans, LA. | Not Taryn. @WWENXTGuy @KaRaRacn75 @HeelBalor @AlfredoReyes24 @newpatriot77 @WWE4Nina @ReallyMarisa @AntRivera86 @Mugsysamtwitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Jessica Boakye Hideo Itami def. The Brian Kendrick j.mp/2C3iAzN https://t.co/CMbRr2KwIn - The Dirty Sheets, London & New York @iamjondraper Hideo Itami looks like my sons ass - Your a MARK, The New York Territory, brother Hideo Itami Vs Brian Kendrick - WWE Raw Highlights 25th December 2017: youtu.be/xzFRxMcnNP8?a via @YouTube - arundubedy @FireflyCult (Well, ain't no stoppin' me. So, I'mma do it, by quickly downloading and deleting a Hideo Itami PNG.) - Taryn., New Orleans, LA. | Not Taryn. F* yeah! #oleztThugBot SearchQuery: Hideo Itami https://t.co/XjJ70WzsZ7 - oleztThugBot Hideo Itami really just botched his GTS after talking shit.. - blissmas jayde. 🎄, ✨ @ALostNightmare ✨ RT @RobbieFingers: Morons in Chicago chanting "CM Punk" to Hideo Itami for doing the GTS when Itami is the one who invented it 🤦‍♂️ - King Abel T. Rezene, Hell bent but Heaven sent hideo itami defeats brian kendrick. paige, mandy rose, and sonya deville defeat sasha banks, bayley, and mickie james #WWE #RAW - Wrestling Otaku(SS7), Maryland RT @BearKailyn: So because we live in Canada we get three commercial breaks in the first 30 mins which made me miss Hideo Itami's match! #R… - Nairobi Pittman, Indianapolis, IN

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