Retweet if you literally have no idea what a catch in the NFL is anymore. - Joe Praino, Venice Beach via Brooklyn .@MikePereira If the NFL created a rule that means this isn't a catch, the NFL f'ed up a rule that was working just…… - mike fisher ✭, Dallas, Texas The NFL’s two most controversial rules holding each other’s beers today. - Mike Garafolo, NY/NJ

@GenevieveChanel Add another one to the book of dumb officiating calls by the NFL. - Marc Y. aka Yum-Yum, 831 - Salinas, CA RT @RealSkipBayless: By the letter of the NFL law - and this law is just wrong - that was NOT a catch by Jesse James. But given the spirit… - Aaron Kelly Three options to fix the NFL's catch rule - ESPN: ESPN Three options to fix the NFL's catch rule ESPN Under the NFL…… - IT Jobs Arizona, Arizona, USA Great points Bill. Next year the NFL attendance will be even worse. The season tickets were non-refundable. Next ye…… - Charlie Deplorable, United States RT @NCommentarys: This is the best thing that has happened in the NFL this season. Cam Newton a fool 😂😂😂 - liveola🚀, Down yawnder RT @Samuel_Clemons: The @NFL is silent @POTUS , w @CNN and @MSNBC airing basketball player opinion ~ seems @NFL players don't even know… - Sylwia, Cracovia, Polonia RT @CSAviate: I bet James Brown be in the comment section of Pornhub providing pertinent information like he does on The NFL Today. - True Lies, The If City RT @AJLewis_3: Fuck the NFL. Fuck the patriots. Fuck tom brady. Going ghost for awhile no one hmu. - Ty Black, Allentown, PA RT @nflnetwork: He had a big day in a dominating win for the @Jaguars. @jaydiggla4 shares his inspiring path to the NFL with @DeionSanders… - Tone..., MI @almacsparksprtz @beatingthebook He’s talking about long-term..And I’m not trying to be a dick, really just don’t u…… - AceFarmer, Las Vegas, NV RT @C_Hanagriff: The officiating in the NFL is astonishing bad - Chuck Grey, Baton Rouge, La RT @SportsRecall: Maybe some of the boxing refs are now in the NFL? 🤔 #NEvsPIT… - Plus Productions, LA, Boulder, and Miami RT @Thomas1774Paine: The NFL Nightmare Just Got Worse: Seahawks Player Caught on Camera Taunting Female Officer (VIDEO)… - WeThePeopleForTrump, United States RT @Jared_Carrabis: Reminder that the NFL spent over $12 million in Deflategate lawyers and Tom Brady almost took his suspension appeal to… - jov, Tampa, FL RT @ringer: This concludes Sunday, Week 15 in the NFL. - Chris Bauer, CtPaTown RT @JerryFuhrman2: It is now cheaper for me to go see pouting millionaires play football than to see my grandson's high school team in acti… - Southwest Gal, United States I love how Breitbart and other right wing sites keep using the lack of attendance at #ClevelandBrowns games as "evi…… - Gary Nieman, Duluth, MN RT @Steel_Curtain4: Dungy: "In flag football, high school football, college football, any place you play football other than the NFL, that'… - Laur, Illinois