Cornel West

"Ta-Nehisi Coates praises Obama as a “deeply moral human being” while remaining silent on the 563 drone strikes...…… - Khaled Beydoun, Detroit, MI Cornel West was calling cheeto jesus "Brother Trump" praising him for his "authenticity" and pushing for Clinton to…… - Marcus H. Johnson, 407/850/954/440/302/202 Cornel West’s meltdown today is the latest reminder that - whatever you thought of Bernie Sanders – he had the most…… - Palmer Report, Los Angeles, CA

RT @EricKleefeld: Cornel West worked to elected George W. Bush in 2000 (Nader), and then again campaigned to elect Donald Trump in 2016 (St… - kapalabhati RT @JasMoneyRecords: The Cornel West essay I want is him addressing the sexual abuse allegations against his former bedfellow, Tavis Smile… - I_AMKXNGOWENS, ATLien RT @therealbakari: When Black intellectual leadership this good at in-fighting, who needs FBI invented Black Identity extremists? https://t… - Dee RT @KhaledBeydoun: "Ta-Nehisi Coates praises Obama as a “deeply moral human being” while remaining silent on the 563 drone strikes... the 2… - 배닙, AZANİA RT @_waleedshahid: It's pretty absurd that black women like Michelle Alexander, Heather McGhee, Barbara and Karen Fields, and Briahna Gray… - Adam Simpson, Washington, DC Ta-Nehisi Coates is the neoliberal face of the black freedom struggle | Cornel West - Cultural Compounds RT @ZRickMarx: @jelani9 @tanehisicoates Just self-serving hypocrisy from West. Perhaps this is an attempt re-earn his MSNBC contributor sta… - Benchmark Hov, Brooklyn USA RT @earthdogelevena: @realtalkers @tanehisicoates @CornelWest No one but Cornel West and DSA take Socialist theorizing seriously anymore. T… - I_AMKXNGOWENS, ATLien RT @sgrant525: Ta-Nehisi Coates should write a piece ala Michael Eric Dyson called "The Fall of Cornel West" in which he examines Cornel's… - Sergio Grant, New York, NY RT @ChristinaMcKeen: Ta-Nehisi Coates is the neoliberal face of the black freedom struggle | Cornel West… - Jodi Koberinski, University of Waterloo; Oak Institute for International Human Rights 2015 RT @sammysitstill: Jelani Cobb is spilling freshly boiled intellectual tea all over Cornel West and I'm over here like… - Baba, North America RT @CornelWest: .@tanehisicoates fetishizes white supremacy. His analysis/vision of our world is too narrow & dangerously misleading, omitt… - #itiswhatitis, ÜT: 51.506035,-0.087862 RT @BleuCheckmark: @tanehisicoates @CornelWest The kind of retention package that would lure a scholar from Princeton to Harvard... sociali… - I_AMKXNGOWENS, ATLien RT @TorraineWalker: Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B. DuBois. W.E.B. Dubois vs. Marcus Garvey. MLK vs. Malcolm X. Michael Eric Dyson vs. C… - Phillip Morris, NY & N.J #RESIST TRUMP MANIA! RT @BrooklynFabriqe: @jamiemurt64 @bubbasabb @tanehisicoates @CornelWest You cannot have a course of action of you think power (not in your… - I_AMKXNGOWENS, ATLien Academic shade is the best because it's honest,it's the truth and not petty. Jelanie Cobb❤️👏🏾✊🏾👌🏾👍🏾👊🏾 Cornel West💔…… - TLiMS63, Diverse & Eclectic Locations🌎 RT @dadabygrace: @tanehisicoates @CornelWest Cornel West is nuts. Look at his shitty comments during the last election. He continuously tra… - I_AMKXNGOWENS, ATLien RT @rebel19: I read that whole Cornel West piece on Coates and kept waiting for one single surprising, dynamic, provocative, imaginative th… - MrsBundrige Seems the feeding frenzy by Cornel West and others ramped up when Toni Morrison praised @tanehisicoates as the Jame…… - Rosemarie Robotham, New York, NY RT @battletested5: All you need to know about Cornel West is that when trump was spewing racist rhetoric during the campaign, West was divi… - Carley Chavez RT @skepticalbrotha: Cornel West's Ta-Nehisi Coates ivory tower broadside conveniently ignores the American carnage he helped Trump create… - Jim Powers RT @rtyson82: I see no lies here and—quite frankly—the folks feigning outrage over this piece are deploying obfuscation to avoid dealing wi… - Mark Twin RT @IssaShivji: “...his perception of white people is tribal and his conception of freedom is neoliberal. Racial groups are homogeneous and… - Dr Willy M Mutunga, Nairobi, Kenya