Animal Crossing

Just downloaded animal crossing on my phone so I guess this is goodbye forever - Phil Lester, Dan and Phil 2018 WORLD TOUR! babe tell the truth are u talking to other dudes on animal crossing or no - eric turtle, Los Angeles, CA even in animal crossing I can't escape crippling loan debt and absurd pizza delivery times - Zachary Fox, Los Angeles, CA

RT @mineifiwildout: o that's ur girl ? why she visiting my campsite on animal crossing pocket camp - bee RT @ToastCrust: The following twitter thread is a blog post by @yokotaro on his time with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You can find that here… - Jörmi 🐍, Setúbal, Portugal it’s not real until they invite you to their animal crossing pocket camp - ♈️ RT @llleeno: Hey! I wrote about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.… - Leen, Brighton, UK im finally downloading animal crossing - shai, e b b c k m | sw marvel dc jw RT @kristenc159: Characters in Animal Crossing are fake as hell. I’m running around collecting squids and butterflies for you but you won’t… - Phantom ❄, Hogwarts/Asturias RT @spatterdocks: hey. I love animal crossing. - мɪɴмɪ @ PkmnUltraluna, αyα ιly ♡ deιѕι ♡ RT @fiorenexo: go sticker animal crossing - LYCIA 👸🏼, Gravelines, France RT @realityunf0lds: the animals in Animal Crossing literally give you money just for being their friend how come none of you fake asses eve… - holiday deer RT @EdwardStockwell: Me, 54 hours into Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: - big slappy RT @skydart: Why is Animal Crossing fucking great? Because literally nothing bad EVER happens in Animal Crossing. You can beat someone wit… - Matt Underwood RT @CauseImDanJones: I haven't really connected with any of the villagers in the new animal crossing yet- HOLD THE FUCK there's a duck name… - Shiny Kiiwii, Washington, USA RT @elchapocruzman: i’m over here camping outside able sisters in animal crossing waiting for the next collection to drop i feel like a hyp… - molly RT @TSBellatre: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is here!! Help out your fellow campers whenever you can~ - さねとも(ぐれい), シベリア(菓子) RT @zackfox: even in animal crossing I can't escape crippling loan debt and absurd pizza delivery times - hellgirl☹️, Kirkcaldy, Scotland Fuck yeah I’m gonna play animal crossing pocket camp drunk fuck your - 🎃 spice milk slut, Portland! Let's see how long I get addicted to an animal crossing game this time 😂 - Dan Beecher, The Internet is animal crossing the new pokemon go - Press F to pay respects, RJ