What is wrong with me?! Find out tonight on #ScaredFamous on @VH1 9pm 🖤🧡🖤🧡 https://t.co/fJNnVJwpKN - Alaska Thunderfuck, ÜT: 40.461166,-79.973849 WHAT 🚨 IS 🚨 HAPPENING 🚨 TO 🚨 @Alaska5000​?! Things are popping off in the #ScaredFamous house on an all new episode… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - VH1, IG + Snap: VH1 WHAT'S UP NOW? #ScaredFamous https://t.co/22oBj7ifgs - VH1, IG + Snap: VH1

RT @Kimmykasi: Safaree stay in love on every tv show. #ScaredFamous https://t.co/cOaI1eLk1t - Chassidy, Dancing RT @jasmine66857097: New York walking back into the house like #ScaredFamous https://t.co/CK3jOBMiXY - Chassidy, Dancing RT @_august_born_: She said “Alaska you better lower your tone” 💀😂😭😭😭 #ScaredFamous https://t.co/nLlrbUoeuO - Tedd-Ivan Descardes, West Babylon, NY RT @_lanaaleee: Dream Doll worried about Safaree but Safaree worrying about Erica Mena on #Scaredfamous #LHHNY https://t.co/xpEoqmkitC - JAN 10 💫, louisiana. RT @NOVIMBA: Leaving the #LHHNY drama and walking straight into #ScaredFamous like ... 😂 https://t.co/SDzOkDJrSX - Rozie, Tennessee, USA RT @Alaska5000: What is wrong with me?! Find out tonight on #ScaredFamous on @VH1 9pm 🖤🧡🖤🧡 https://t.co/fJNnVJwpKN - Dylan Greene 💋, Indiana, USA I got a feeling Erica went home though #ScaredFamous . - Dul RT @Attorneyatlaw6: Safaree hates clowns but he's dated a few #ScaredFamous https://t.co/NFJn1nT0Zx - Alley Wop Yoo @iamErica_Mena is a savage lol she was like you know what throw me in so i can practice waxing yall #ScaredFamous - Jardi B, Boston/ Fountain of youth RT @sashasroses: this was the best part of the whole episode #ScaredFamous @Alaska5000 https://t.co/31ZA75H18B - bailey☃️🎄, California, USA Going by the #ScaredFamous cast reviews, I think @DritaDavanzo needs to bring out her own cook book!!! - Jasmine, STRAYA MATE Australia RT @yaboy_neutron: Me when Alaska popped up on my screen with all that demonic shit✌🏾 #ScaredFamous https://t.co/S4wKAphR1A - jas #ScaredFamous @FlyyyTattedSky Is me af anytime I get some authority 😂😂 - Desiree, cali baby I fucking can't @FlyyyTattedSky came out on some boss shit like "tell me why you should keep your job" #ScaredFamous - Jardi B, Boston/ Fountain of youth RT @bby_yalinn: Bruuuuuh, please put Alaska and New York in scary movies. Because this acting is unbelievable #ScaredFamous https://t.co/Zy… - jas RT @NOVIMBA: #ScaredFamous it's 2017 and people are still underestimating Tiffany 😂😭🐸🍵📺👀 https://t.co/PMfkPaNUvP - NuBiAn.pRiNcEsssss

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