Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams just passed out on live TV. And then rallied like a friggin champ minutes later.… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Andrew Kirell, Brooklyn, NY Here's the moment Wendy Williams collapsed on live TV dailym.ai/2z25MrS https://t.co/EPME8cXRv2 - Daily Mail Celebrity God, you’re really going to put Wendy Williams in a lady liberty outfit and have her faint on live TV and I’m the bad guy for laughing ?! - Kazeem Famuyide, New York City.

RT @yoyotrav: Can y’all not retweet that video of Wendy Williams fainting? I’m going to laugh hysterically & I’m trying to be a better pers… - sharzaya, amy costello xox kudzi RT @thebitchalbum: Wendy Williams passed out during her show today. https://t.co/OwnVNijtIc - A l e x i s (:, •Exploring the Universe• RT @RealLifeKaz: Wendy Williams created an empire by cutting ass and I can’t giggle cause she caught a hot flash dressed as lady liberty? T… - Mane Attraction, East Coasting RT @VictorPopeJr: Wendy Williams fainted and they made her a meme before she hit the floor - SP👀KY RT @traytrayolay: Me watching that Wendy Williams video https://t.co/tMF8Q9WeBe - lil uli vert, South San Jo • East Sac RT @tearjop: omg wendy williams really fainted on live television https://t.co/tCxcfwTuil - moneymind, s. mann❤️ RT @wilnetteo: Wendy Williams gave her audience a massive scare after fainting while filming her show. https://t.co/QZU2jlNLi2 - Lydia Ward RT @TimRunsHisMouth: WATCH: Wendy Williams is seriously a champ... passes out, then gets right back up and keeps doing the show after a bre… - ♡♀♬ iM NOT CRAZY!™ツ, ⇧⇩↗↘✔↖→→ I wish I could mute that Wendy Williams video - The Beard Guy, Somewhere Oiling My Beard RT @trixiemattel: I have never identified with anyone more than Wendy Williams collapsing in a wig. https://t.co/8SckXNQ2E6 - ladey gags stan, not in stevie's house RT @Corstador: Who tf said Wendy Williams over heated from all that hot tea she be spilling 😭 - Maha That Wendy Williams stroke video was nuts lol - Joe, Buffalo, NY RT @ReelQuinn: Wendy Williams fainting while dressed as the Statue of Liberty is the perfect metaphor for 2017. - queen of the teens, @lilyachty RT @tegear01: Wendy Williams fainting will probably be one of the best GIFs ever made. https://t.co/Wr0b3QH6FO - Siddiq Bashar, ✈ RT @_DonerWIN: That wendy williams gif tasteless - alizé, Bahamas Not a fan of Wendy Williams but a fan of humanity. Hope she's ok - AKing, New Orleans, LA RT @MrBrooklynB: Black Twitter showing up to see what happened to Wendy Williams https://t.co/0qTisd1eCe - (((Jammy))), Dancery RT @backwoodsnae: wendy williams clone tweaking - Slurms Mackenzie, #UNCW18 Emmanuel’s Opinion: WENDY WILLIAMS FAINTS — DEMONIC POSSESSION? MK ULTRA fb.me/1vRjAjU4K - JayMee Jean Richens, United States