@CrankGameplays #crankycomments If you had to choose one of them to be your sidekick to fight off the rest, who wou… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Dragonphoenix, Your Mum @CrankGameplays #crankycomments which ones are the coolest: vampires, skeletons or werewolves? - Eclipsacorn, A cardboard box #crankycomments Will you ever make a video with an evil version of you? - SierraGotBrainz, Not saying

@CrankGameplays #crankycomments What is your favorite Halloween movie? - spoopy Nicoke #crankycomments whats your favorite horror movie?? - WAKEUPSPOOPYSHEEPLES @CrankGameplays #crankycomments would spoopgameplays ever get a full video to himself - Ange #crankycomments how does this make u feel https://t.co/Rhmr7yHorw - shannon//bday, ur mom #crankycomments if you could pick one cliche Halloween costume to physically become for a day what would it be? - Al, Las Vegas, NV @CrankGameplays #crankycomments Happy Samhain, Ethan! 🎃👻 - Derran DeL Luck #crankycomments what's your favorite horror movie? - Lynn Ackerman, Maine, USA @CrankGameplays what are you doing for halloween? #crankycomments - Petlover15, New York @CrankGameplays #crankycomments not Halloween related but have you heard what happened to Maine? 500,000 people w/… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Lynn Ackerman, Maine, USA So we have Darkiplier and Antisepticeye...So what is your evil alter-ego? #crankycomments - Austia Romero, Russia #crankycomments stepping outside in the snow - Stelios, Here and There RT @CrankGameplays: Gonna do a special little reading your comments for Halloween! Use #crankycomments and leave me some spooky questions!… - Petlover15, New York Do you have a spooky story that happened to you? #crankycomments - SpookyScarySkeletons, 💀& SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE💀 DO YOU LIKE SPOOPY SACRY SKELETONS?? #crankycomments - Avery What is your biggest fear? #crankycomments - SpookyScarySkeletons, 💀& SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE💀 @CrankGameplays HEY PAL WHY DO YOU ALWAYS STREAM SO LATE. MY SLEEP SCHEDULE IS SO FUCKED NOW.#crankycomments - spoopmaster9000, The middle of buttfuck nowhere @CrankGameplays #crankycomments (not really spooky) what are your tips for a starting YouTuber? P.S Big fan Love your videos -Amber ❤️ - Drawer, The world @CrankGameplays #crankycomments have you ever experienced anything like paranormal activity or anything that actually scared you? - Ashley D, Pennsylvania, USA @CrankGameplays #crankycomments how do you make hot chocolate? With milk or water? Hint water is the wrong answer, - 🎃Spooky HalloTeen🎃 @CrankGameplays #crankycomments are we ever gonna see more of Blank? (That’s what your dark persona is called right) - Eclipsacorn, A cardboard box #crankycomments best costume you ever wore? - Lucy 🔪, Yo̶úr͟ m̶ín̕d @CrankGameplays #crankycomments what is The scarriest thing that happend to you? P.S big fan love your videos ❤️ - Drawer, The world @CrankGameplays Can you make a halloween haiku? #crankycomments - Pumpera! 🎠 @CrankGameplays #Crankycomments Cheesy horror or gory horror? - Freckles+stars @CrankGameplays #crankycomments if you became a zombie and had to eat someone in teamiplier who would you eat first - something spooky, USA's Peen #crankycomments what do you desied to dress up as? I did a vampire - Baileythepotato