Send us your questions about the iPhone X and we’ll answer on #CircuitBreakerLive today at 4pm ET!… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - The Verge, New York I’ll have the iPhone X on #CircuitBreakerLive today — ask questions, we’ll answer them! theverge.com/circuitbreaker… - nilay patel, Brooklyn, NY Did you pre-order an iPhone X? #CircuitBreakerLive - Circuit Breaker, New York, NY

What do long carrier names look like on lock screen #CircuitBreakerLive - Shawn Adam, Toronto Does anyone know what the screenshots on this phone looks like? Do you see the bar on the top? #CircuitBreakerLive - Cheesecake❄️, PSN: Call_Me_Skulls Is it worth the extra money? #CircuitBreakerLive - KC, Worldwide Iphone X question: if you take a screenshot, will the notch be present in the image saved in your photo roll? #CircuitBreakerLive - Cup of Apple #CircuitBreakerLive Any sign of an equivalent setting to ‘rest to unlock’ with Touch ID? Buried in setting accessibility settings maybe? - EJ #CircuitBreakerLive @reckless you had to put your passcode in again because you held power/volume to shut down. It locks the phone. - Retweetedly, South Shields, England compare the 3 step unlock: "click face swipe" of the X to the standard 1 step finger print tap of todays' android phones #CircuitBreakerLive - Gustav Edholm What does a screenshot look like? Do you see the top 2 bezels? #CircuitBreakerLive - Cheesecake❄️, PSN: Call_Me_Skulls Are the gestures intuitive? Like is it quicker? #CircuitBreakerLive - Dylan, Switzerland Shoutout to @reckless for randomly triggering Siri on my iPhone not even mentioning it. #CircuitBreakerLive - gameshack, Germany #CircuitBreakerLive Didn’t Apple demonstrate that you can simultaneously use FaceID and swipe to unlock which was instantaneous? - DarkJediNight #CircuitBreakerLive use Procreate makes the iPad pro AY MAY ZING for drawing on. - Retweetedly, South Shields, England pen is thicker, Nelay has his tentacles all over verge #CircuitBreakerLive - Cup of Apple She likes the worst one! #CircuitBreakerLive - kyle ash haha the has been told what to say ! hilarious #CircuitBreakerLive - Cup of Apple RT @dami_lee: Gonna be on #CircuitBreakerLive today to draw on the Pixelbook, iPad and Surface Book! spoiler alert, theyre all bad https://… - Paul Fagan, California, USA Affinity Photo is the perfect alternative to a full fledged Photoshop on the iPad. @verge @circuitbreaker #CircuitBreakerLive - Sören Lindhoff, Bremen, Germany RT @circuitbreaker: Send us your questions about the iPhone X, and we'll answer it on the show! #CircuitBreakerLive twitter.com/i/live/9102220… - Paul Fagan, California, USA The Yoga Book (Windows) lets you draw on paper and have it show up on your screen. #CircuitBreakerLive - 1% Battery Remaining, Probably on some meme You know you can charge the pencil using the included wall adapter?Charging from the iPad is meant for a top off in… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Michael Perry There is photoshop and another crazy good app for iPad they demoed at wwdc, what’s this crap you’re doing #CircuitBreakerLive - Aleksandr Vysockij, Liveprool RT @dmugirl2008: #CircuitBreakerLive ios 11.1 is now available - Paul Fagan, California, USA #CircuitBreakerLive can't load the video - Cup of Apple RT @MrSteve97: #CircuitBreakerLive anyone know if there are the same blueshift problems like on the Pixel ? - Paul Fagan, California, USA .@dami_lee on the #CircuitBreakerLive show right now talking about hating using tablets for drawing her good comics… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Sean O'Kane, New York, NY RT @Marzellius: #CircuitBreakerLive Is the band around the phone, real Sterling Silver, or aluminum? - Paul Fagan, California, USA RT @Wulf_Bradley: #CircuitBreakerLive My father-in law figured out a way to use the wasted screen space on the iPhone X 😂 https://t.co/yXe9… - Paul Fagan, California, USA