Reggie Miller

We live in a world of so many great basketball minds and voices, and yet Reggie Miller gets to call the opening game of the season. - nick wright, new york city okay, last thing i need here is reggie miller figuring out what to say on the fly. i won't even look up cuz i fear them showing it again. - El Flaco Reggie Miller is the king of speculating and then saying he doesn’t want to speculate. - Dan Devine, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Reggie miller with the direct tb shout out - Otf_Oldman Reggie miller is the worst commentator ever made!!!!! Ugh!!!! - Shawn. I forgot how much I despise Reggie miller commentating - fredo @tatefrazier must love how much reggie Miller has been calling out Tatum and Duke - Miles Jordan, Troutman, NC Reggie Miller is so trash. - Tom ¯_(ツ)_/¯, NYC Yo nah shut Reggie miller up! - Thick-Fil-A. ✞, CT. RT @DrewShiller: Reggie Miller on Jeff Green: "I personally think he's the hidden gem" of the Cavs additions this offseason. Are you f'ing… - Trey in LA, Los Angeles by way of Florida Shut the fuck up reggie Miller forever - 19&Washed, Mobile, AL In other news, Reggie Miller is still insufferable! - Mostly Good, Doylestown, PA Reggie Miller just gave Directv free Advertising - Sigh, Maryland Jesus Christ Reggie Miller might make me slit my wrist - J. Snow, Sandy Shores the worst part about this game is reggie miller's commentary - coconut direct tv? only reggie miller would say something like that. tf. - Lady LeBron ツ, #HopeForJamaica 💛🇯🇲💚 Why is Reggie Miller still speaking?!? - Stefano, Imperial Mart Deli, USA Shut up, Reggie Miller - Will, Detroit/Ann Arbor Reggie Miller I almost forgot how annoying you are - Randolph on the Plug Get Reggie Miller off television lol - StayCool B, Georgia, USA Reggie miller so annoying - Taking L's Since 06, Chicago, IL Reggie Miller is horrible - Matthew Carnahan RT @getnickwright: We live in a world of so many great basketball minds and voices, and yet Reggie Miller gets to call the opening game of… - Foos Bridgewater, Minnesota - Cadaanville RT @Papito_BYB: yea reggie miller belonged in indiana, that was the most poorly put together comeback ever lmao - Debate Me Again, Mount Gox, Japan RT @Chyuuch: When you hear Reggie Miller Voice come up on the tnt broadcast - Andi Agardy RT @Sp0rtsTalkJ0e: Reggie Miller just called Avery Bradley "Adrian Bradley". Please get this fucking guy off my TV screen. - halloffameprod, Chicago, IL RT @Sp0rtsTalkJ0e: Reggie Miller really pulled the goddamn "Wade taught LeBron how to win" as if LeBron didn't carry awful squads to the Fi… - halloffameprod, Chicago, IL