Paul George

FIRST LOOK: Nike's "Want It All" ad featuring an aspiring basketball player & his dreams with LeBron, Paul George &…… - Darren Rovell, NYC & Bristol, CT It’s Kevin ware, Paul George and Gordon Hayward. Just atrocious - KFC Thinking back to that gruesome Paul George injury for Team USA and hoping Hayward is able to completely recover to full health like PG13 - Tommy Beer, Queens, New York

Paul George whole bottom leg broke...he was top NBA trade - bea, Chicago, IL That really really sucks for Gordon Hayward. Reminds me of the Paul George injury. That was a dark day for yours truly. Prayers up to him - Matt Barnes, Columbus, OH If anybody knows his pain right now it’s Paul George… - Matthew, pnw RT @joshiefairburn: This photo perfectly sums up how everyone was feeling. Paul George came back from something similar and so will Gordon… - depressed dipo.., Oklahoma, USA RT @MsSamanthaMay: It’s Paul George-y. And it’s heart wrenching. Because Paul George hasn’t been the same player since. This is devastating… - Solo Dolo ☁️, From the 206 to the 509 @MattyA59 Most definitely prolly next to the Kevin Ware and Paul George injury - Alex, Ball State University @Kelso3514 Like Kevin Ware and Paul George too - Trent Kyser Itz like rewatching that Paul George injury again… - Lil Spud 9️⃣9️⃣ RT @NotBillWalton: We all remember the horrific Paul George injury and he is back as good as ever. Let us all hope that Gordon Hayward will… - Morgan Malone, CLEVELAND RT @JacobIsABeasstt: Paul George came back strong as ever. Gotta hope same happens for Gordon. 🙏🏻… - Brandon Barraza Absolutely gut-wrenching. This is Paul George and Shaun Livingston all over again.… - Michael Mulford, I’m no island, peninsula maybe RT @bballbreakdown: OMG. This is the Hayward injury and it’s gruesome. I mean, like Paul George - Chan, Golf course Retweeted Paul George (@Yg_Trece): God bless you bro @gordonhayward ! 🙏🏾 help him thru this god! - Roark•Brown YH™, Nairobi, Kenya Seen the Kevin ware, Paul George, and Hayward live, scarred for life! - Pain, Yaaad! Holy wow the Hayward video is Paul George level bad. Feel awful for him. - Ricky Engelberg, Boston, MA Cable went out. Damn u, Spectrum. So on a scale of 1 - Paul George how bad was Hayward's injury? - Katrina B, The Bay to NYC RT @SolelySports: Here's to Paul George's Pacer days - Tyler @JustinSaxon_ Paul George?? - Mason Marinik, Rogers, TX RT @MarkJonesESPN: I called the game that Paul George suffered his catastrophic injury in Las Vegas. I’ve never seen grown men cry and turn… - taylor lyons @NBC10_Tony If broken leg, season ending for sure. Similar to the Paul George injury several years ago. - Mark Dalmeida Photo, Rhode Island Gordon Hayward might’ve just stole the crown from Paul George for most disgusting injury - lil introvert RT @jfeeezy_: 1) Kevin Ware 2) Paul George 3) Gordon Hayward Worst injuries I’ve ever seen - Drizzy ⁶, Pembroke, NC @BrentParker21 Not as bad a Paul George’s injury but it’s close. - Makenna, Here and there RT @KFCBarstool: It’s Kevin ware, Paul George and Gordon Hayward. Just atrocious - Luke Peters, Syracuse, New York