can't wait for @hypsy_gypsy's next session Don't Kill My Vibe! at #seattleinteract! 2017.seattleinteractive.com/sessions#b-don… https://t.co/sD28uTaVQ7 - Rob Christianson, Seattle, WA @MJDePalma "We all deserve a seat at the table." #binginclusive #seattleinteract - Taylor Franks, Washington Ready to try mastering #SICJargon? Take your best guess below & look for the answer in our retweet. Good luck!… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Weber Shandwick SEA, Seattle, WA

"room at capacity" is the new Fail Whale #seattleinteract https://t.co/1tt0SZ4ySS - Rob Christianson, Seattle, WA It's time to stop the madness of annoying ads #seattleinteract - libby wilson, Seattle Wa Powerful project by @seattletimes!We use your videos 2train our @AmeriCorps & staff for our intercultural competenc… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - WithinReach, Seattle, WA I'm at #seattleinteract #sic17 today and tomorrow. Always fun to learn from industry and see what we can pull into libraries! - Christine Tawatao, Seattle Wonderful, personal tales from @WEcomms @melissawz to illustrate story gaps & moonshots to open #seattleinteract https://t.co/lrNHnkTY4K - David Patton, Seattle area “A good handshake is worth 3 hours of face time.” -Renee Metty @withpause #SeattleInteract https://t.co/jDZzpj3CyC - Mary Wayte Bradburne, Seattle, WA Sessions on purpose, mindfulness, and now why collaboration is bullshit. So far this is the best #seattleinteract I've attended. - Maggie Sheldon, Seattle, WA A fascinating @seattletimes presentation on digital #storytelling and #social engagement at #seattleinteract https://t.co/Hnt5iWwfnu - (((China E. Levy))), Seattle, WA RT @MurrowCollege: @MurrowCollege is well represented today at @seattleinteract! #seattleinteract #MurrowInAction https://t.co/4pckGjqUyv - libby wilson, Seattle Wa Loved the analogy of this fallacy.. something I wish more mid level tech cos in India would understand..… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Asmita, Bellevue, WA RT @RainBlond: Listening to @aaronhuey @anjalikumar at #seattleinteract talk about Art as Activism - Hard Mode Code, Washington, USA "If you believe in your ideas, other people will to." Getting my creative buzz on at #seattleinteract - Jen Rittenhouse, Puyallup, WA RT @WEcomms: “We can do better and we will do better because we have to do better.” -@melissawz #forwhichWEstand #seattleinteract #SIC2017… - Tori Quinn, Portland, OR "Diversity and inclusion is more than just gender, sexuality, or race." @MJDePalma on diverse & inclusive marketing #seattleinteract - Seattle Interactive, Seattle, WA "data lies. It is subjective. These two men are in the same demographic". #seattleinteract https://t.co/0l7KtpOQ4W - Scotty Iseri, seattle via Sydney and Chicago RT @caremjo: The fallacies of design, boiled down - Julian Lion Boxenbaum #seattleinteract https://t.co/mH0iCSxOzu - Hard Mode Code, Washington, USA RT @Plantronics: Attending #SeattleInteract? Join @WilderBeau, Oct. 18 @ 10:30am & see how nature + intelligence can cure #OpenOffice noise… - Katrina Porter, Santa Cruz, CA "It’s powerful to be seen as who you are & be valued. If #marketers can do that in campaigns, your audience will connect" #seattleinteract - Twila, San Francisco, CA The fallacies of design, boiled down - Julian Lion Boxenbaum #seattleinteract https://t.co/mH0iCSxOzu - Carrie Melissa Jones, Seattle, WA Inspired by @MJDePalma session on #DiversityandInclusion at #sic #seattleinteract https://t.co/LmOpyrLmIB - Michelle Fears, Woodinville, WA There’s some goofball in the #snapbar again #seattleinteract https://t.co/PUUANANxzR - Rob Christianson, Seattle, WA "cars didn't solve the problem of horseshit in the city streets. They just replaced one form of pollution with another". #seattleinteract - Scotty Iseri, seattle via Sydney and Chicago He was speaking of Steve Jobs here, who (the night before their 1st revamped stores opened) asked: “What if no one comes?” #seattleinteract - Carrie Melissa Jones, Seattle, WA Brands win when they elevate their brand but providing a service @ktyarnell #seattleinteract - Sarah Camp, Pacific Northwest “Warmth, competence and confidence - your first impression happens the moment someone sees you.” -Renee Metty @withpause #SeattleInteract - Mary Wayte Bradburne, Seattle, WA