Stat of the day: Sonny has a 1.45 ERA with Romine behind the plate. ☀️☀️ - New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium In three starts with Romine, Gray had a 1.45 ERA and .543 OPS against. In eight starts with Sanchez, he had a 4.63 ERA and .767 OPS against. - Mark Feinsand, New Jersey, USA Austin Romine gets a postseason start, catching Sonny Gray. Gary Sanchez DHing:… - Bryan Hoch, New York, NY

Romine is better than Sanchez tho right? Smd - Yef, Hackettstown/Montclair NJ RT @mikeaxisa: Sanchez gets ripped if he stabs at the ball like Romine just did ¯_(ツ)_/¯ - Daniel Hanaver, Oak Ridge, TN RT @BackAftaThis: Anyone remember which day it was that Mike said there is no chance that Romine will catch in this series? - kev_on, New Jersey / Pennsylvania RT @BackAftaThis: Yesterday, Francesa mocked callers who want Romine in the lineup. Today, Mike reads the lineup - featuring Romine - and s… - Chris That explains Romine starting at C today.… - Michael Kasdan, New York City Let's be clear, I am not a fling, Will. -- Sara, you never could be ? #romance #erotic #sex… - Amy Romine, Texas, USA RT @YankeeSource: Sonny Gray's pitching a lot like he's pitched to Sanchez early on but Romine's wizardry is keeping the damage to a minimu… - SkyBlazer 251, NY RT @MikeNash15: Having Austin Romine catch a playoff game is almost criminal. He can’t throw anyone out, and is an automatic out at the pla… - Michael Kasdan, New York City @Wyldcat33 Some people think that Sanchez would've block that wild pitch that Romine failed to. But Sanchez has that issue as well. - ⚾🍁V🏈🍂🇮🇳🇺🇸, here and there RT @Yankees: Stat of the day: Sonny has a 1.45 ERA with Romine behind the plate. ☀️☀️ - Rafael 0920, Newyork @tyler_hank @bdelbanco @mikeaxisa And Romine who has a -war as a player is better? - Roberto Santos @ThisIsntXav lol dawg Im so sick of #them acting like Romine is Johnny fucking Bench - Kevin 🤷🏾‍♂️, NYC @juice33nyc Few mention Romine throws out a far worse percentage of runners than Sanchez - Evan Roberts, New York A gift from Bregman there, but Sonny has been the pitcher the Yanks traded for today. Looks much more comfortable w/Romine at catching. - Sam Marsdale, NJ @bdelbanco @mikeaxisa What? Romine screwed up there, that doesn't dismiss that Sanchez has been brutal this offseas…… - Tyler Hank, Litchfield/St. Cloud State '18 “Romine’s playing to block wild pitches.” Already 1 wild pitch,but he doesn’t get ripped. Sanchez gets crushed for wild pitches/passed balls - Frank Delfino, Western New York RT @klew24: Wow, Pudge Romine let a ball get past him? Imagine that - E