I humbly request that you watch the premiere of @TheRundownBET tonight at 11p/10c and live tweet with us using the hashtag #TheRundownBET - Robin Thede, NY .@DulceSloan and @RobinThede answer “Impossible Questions for Black Women.” #TheRundownBET premieres tonight at 11/… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - The Daily Show We’re still at the office, working late to bring you an amazing premiere of The Rundown with Robin Thede tomorrow!!… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Robin Thede, NY

RT @Travon: #TheRundownBet is a breath of fresh air to late night. Very here for @robinthede and all this blackness! https://t.co/0iz8Eyvjmp - Anne Bolynn, Austin, Tx RT @biblebeltblack: Wait... I gotta wait a week for the next episode of @TheRundownBET #TheRunDownBET https://t.co/PPF7KQFEyB - Breezy Lovejoy, Brooklyn, NY RT @ashleyn1cole: Robin just called Trump a "Hi-C head ass" and I will never recover. #TheRundownBet - Jocelyn Gregory RT @JLBarrow: That mistreatment of jemele hill graphic is fire. #robinthede #TheRundownBET https://t.co/CgtI9leSTG - Pickle Vick, 15 mins from NASA No matter what color you are stay black!! @robinthede #gospel #preach #message #staywoke #TheRundownBET - The Victorious One, Freeport, NY RT @robinthede: THE RUNDOWN WITH ROBIN THEDE IS ON NOW! #TheRundownBet - Frank 'FX' Giaccio, Private Crime-Detecting Star RT @DarnellFriedman: Looks like I'm gonna have to start tuning into #TheRundownBET  on Thursday nights I see - person RT @ella_marhin: #TheRundownBET Didn't catch the whole show but just in time to know catching the next 1. "Remember no matter what color yo… - person RT @MaryJosephJr: #TheRundownBET is my new go to for politics and humor. @BET got the bomb programming now! https://t.co/tQsvC61Bea - Cody Wilkins RT @BET: Thanks for watching #TheRundownBET! Make sure to come back next Thursday @ 11/10c to spend more time with @RobinThede, the #Mother… - The Victorious One, Freeport, NY RT @larrywilmore: Congrats #TheRundownBET for knocking it out of the park!! When it comes to tv, I'm rooting for everybody named @robinthede - The Victorious One, Freeport, NY @TheRundownBET literally laughed the whole damn show smh late night done right #TheRundownBET - The Victorious One, Freeport, NY RT @BET: .@RobinThede’s new late night show #TheRundownBET is the perfect mix of pop culture and politics! Check it out TONIGHT at 11/10c!… - Mackie1000, World RT @ashleyn1cole: Seriously if you aren't watching #TheRunDownBET you missed a Michelle Obama music video... enough said. 😂😂😂 - Fields RT @BET: This @DUCKWRTH performance has us all body rolling! #therundownbet https://t.co/uELoAcSDpD - XTINA_, Brooklyn, NY RT @BET: Go check out @DUCKWRTH! #TheRundownBET twitter.com/LoveCourtK/sta… - Acacia Thede, San Diego RT @TheRundownBET: Tell me what other late night show has this many body rolls #TheRundownBET - Acacia Thede, San Diego RT @TheRundownBET: .@duckwrth can make a 🔥 concert out of a bodega. even the cat was dancing. #TheRundownBET - Acacia Thede, San Diego RT @Honey_Belle_2: #TheRundownBET I love all of this show!!! We need more! 🖤✊🏿✊🏿 #thissongtho - Acacia Thede, San Diego RT @ReubensCube: @robinthede's #TheRundownBet is hilarious and incredibly incisive to boot. Gotta add it to the DVR! The pop-up concert con… - Acacia Thede, San Diego