And this happening on the 5-year anniversary when the #Nats blew a 6-0 lead in Game 5 vs. the #STLCards. - Bob Nightengale, PHOENIX BREAKING: Stephen Strasburg now likely to start for #Nats today in Game 4, source says. @MLB @MLBNetwork - Jon Morosi Hey Nats fans - here is the video from yesterday's heist. My Nats flag was stolen! Please RT so we can find this du…… - Kelly Collis, District of Columbia

RT @JoeyMillsXXX: Only because you begged check it out➡️… - Outdoor RT @PerryStein: The Nats, who play in a tax payer funded stadium, won't pay the 100k deposit to keep Metro open late after tonight https://… - Dyrol Joyner Oh #Nats. You're turning me gray. And I have weeks before my next highlights. Sigh. - Chris Kuhn, Tampa, FL Don't you mean Nats 6-9?… - @WhatTheMicah, Suburbs of Chicago #nats couldn't turn double play and #Cubs get one run back from previous inning. Meanwhile, @Eagles sack Cam Newton late in 4th quarter. - William J. Ford, Washington, D.C., metro area RT @chucktodd: Huge call here now. Will mlb get this right or will the Nats get you know what-ed - Logan what will be less depressing: watching the rest of this nats game or switching to the ken burns vietnam series? - carlyn, Pittsburgh, PA RT @badachie: Sorry that Schwarber broke your wall Nats. - Dr. Wu, America RT @presidual: The Cubs and Nats have played 6 innings in 3 hours, with CHI at 130 and WAS at 134 pitches. Please give us 2 more hours and… - Sons of Scully, Los Angeles @alexdelbarrio Either way win or lose they are the best. You can't get any better than the Nats. - Shade__Slinger, Georgia, USA #Nats pitching gave up 8 runs in the first 4 games of this series. They've given up 9 in the first 7 innings tonight. - Mark Zuckerman, Washington, DC RT @nathanjm000: The #nats are imploding right now - nathan middleton, Quincy, MA RT @Cubs: Here is tonight's #Cubs starting lineup. NLDS Game 5 preview: #FlyTheW - Andrew Rodriguez, San Francisco, CA RT @Porn_Palace: Japanese bimbos in heats, Ayaa and Rio, are really happy to share the… ! #Sex >> <<… - Miss, ประเทศไทย RT @RexDangerSeeker: @JaRomney Hey I'm going to head to Dulles to save us spots to welcome the Nats home. Call me when the games over. #nat… - 🎃jerk-o-lantern🎃, PDX & The E.U.G. RT @NBCSCubs: Umpires confirm the call: Jay's slide is good and now the Nats are out of challenges (remember that one later) - sam white RT @FrancisMastroMJ: Sexy newbie @DustinCookXXX is irresistible😫 Dont resist &GO WATCH his #NotVerySolo😈 with @MaxCarterXXX @8teenboy👇 👉h… - حلو و قاهرهم, Iraq Still got high hopes for my nats - Wave Papí 🌊, Watching the Raiders Alright #Nats hitters, Strasburg these motherfuckers. #OnePursuit #CHCvsWSH - Rayne Mayna, Rancho Alto Becoming a nats fan - Dazhi Yu @BleacherNation Now if it finishes 9-8 (or even if it doesn't) Nats fans are going to cry about the umps - Kris Escudero, Portland, OR That extra insurance runs feels so huge. Don’t think the #Nats are done. - Ted Schwerzler, Minneapolis, MN Darling must have forgotten his time with the #MontrealExpos or maybe that's why he's so cynical towards #Nats - Karen Bowman, Worthington/Columbus Wonder what Dusty Baker's job security will be like if #Nats loss tonight? @Nationals #NLDSGame5 - Tyler Partridge, Toronto RT @bustedcoverage: Nats fan seems excited over that jumbo dog he's about to eat (from @tomlandrum) - Al Walsh, Jersey 6. Dusty not pinch hitting for Wieters but double switch for him anyway. Is this many on drugs? #Nats - Sports Talk, United States