Rose McGowan

Hollywood can burn in hell for all I care. From Affleck to Clooney & Kimmel to Damon, let it all implode!… - Nick Short 🇺🇸, United States Rose McGowan’s Twitter Account Has Been Suspended - Variety, Los Angeles, CA Trump threatens nuclear war: no problem Racism/homophobia/threats? No problem. Rose McGowan calling people out? Banned from Twitter. - Simon Brew, United Kingdom

RT @LTone: Rose McGowan's Twitter account has been suspended for inciting women to speak out against sexual harassment & rape. Anyway, lets… - Charlene V. Smith, Washington, DC RT @NY_Wiseass: There’s an account that’s clearly trying to kill 3.6 million Puerto Ricans and you choose to suspend Rose McGowan @Twitter? - Roy Dean, Texas, USA RT @MichellePiper18: Rose McGowan Condemns Affleck's Denial Abt Weinstein:'You Lie'& calls out other celebrities who knew & said nothing! h… - Jerra, Texas, USA RT @EdKrassen: I woke up to news that Rose McGowan was suspended from Twitter for speaking out against Sexual Harassment. Meanwhile, Presi… - carlos2 RT @steph_bello: So Rose McGowan crusading against sexual assaulters gets Twitter suspension but white supremacists and Trump threatening W… - Celia Chapman, Los Angeles, CA RT @Variety: Rose McGowan’s Twitter Account Has Been Suspended - shazzer RT @embeedub: So this week Jemele Hill was suspended from ESPN and Rose McGowan was suspended from Twitter. The world loves to punish outsp… - bob dylan, Westchester, NY RT @RitaPanahi: Woke af Twitter suspends Weinstein victim. You couldn't make this shit up. - Lord_Bromley, Melbourne, Victoria RT @fergnerduson: Twitter suspended Rose McGowan? Y'all some real pieces of shit dog @jack - Yo! MTV Faps, Where in the world am I? RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: @rosemcgowan People wonder why women don't report sexual assault? Rose McGowan spoke out about her experience and was LI… - somuchtodo2, NYC RT @AIIAmericanGirI: Twitter Suspends Account Of Weinstein Accuser Rose McGowan @zerohedge… - The Duck, Acworth, GA RT @womensmarch: .@rosemcgowan's Twitter was suspended. Women should not be punished for speaking the truth. #ROSEARMY… - Rick Nelson, Metropolitan RT @thehill: Rose McGowan suspended from Twitter after tweets about Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck:… - Captain Crunch, Texas, USA RT @NolteNC: Twitter suspending Rose McGowan to protect Affleck, to protect Batman, to protect Buttman. Corporate fascism. - Ed Munstr RT @choochoobear: Rose McGowan's account suspended after she spoke against sexual harassment but Nazis threatening people is cool https://t… - Andrew Burton, Houston, TX RT @kairyssdal: Whaaaaaat?… - Frustrated Idealist, United States