.@realDonaldTrump don't take that IQ test. Just answer this: You know the name of North Korea's leader, right? Is it -Un or is it -Il? - Vicente Fox Quesada, Centro Fox anyone else tryna listen to s.l.u.t. right now or is it just me - bea miller Are politicians responsible for their "base," or is it the other way around?nyti.ms/2yd9O2f - The New York Times, New York City

RT @BestDailyHarry: 📽 | Harry saying “This is a family show.... or is it?” in Austin tonight. • October 11, 2017. https://t.co/oS5d3c8YPd - Susie Azael's pencil is bigger than FNC's chances of getting out of groups hmmm... or is it? Rooting for IMT lmao - Chezka Who?, California, USA RT @Sammiekellyyyy: has anyone else's life been really off lately or is it just me - Braden Walsh, Murrieta, CA RT @OfficialWith1D: "You just flipped the bird in my face...sick! This is a family show.......... or is it?" -Harry (HSupdating) - Harry Styles - 186, Holmes Chapel, England RT @Cass89Cassie: Has anyone's life been really off lately or is it just me - Addy, Petting a dog RT @LaFossettaDiH: “This is a family show.... or is it?” MI RICORDA I ONE DIRECTION, NON TOCCATEMI. #HarryStylesLiveonTourAustin https://… - ★I believe in magic★, Palermo,Italy anybody else’s snapchat messed up or is it just mine? - Emily Rentfro, Spring, TX RT @_addictofhxrry: HE LITERALLY PAUSED AND CLEARED HIS THROAT AND ASKED EVERYONE TO QUIET DOWN BEFORE SAYING 'OR IS IT' THIS B!TCH KNOWS I… - dominika RT @Luckwman: Does the alphabet have an actual order or is it all just a social construct? https://t.co/0FUJxtRjvj - Unfollow Nikko🌻, mars RT @nakedmagic: OR IS IT? HE IS THE CUTEST PERSON ON THE PLANET https://t.co/dUwJp8qNYI - maddie 🌟, Home RT @weddas_28: “It’s a family show.. or is it?” https://t.co/g8Ig9bBBDl - V | Rebirthed., hi RT @OfficialWith1D: VIDEO || Harry saying "This is a family show !! ...... uhem... OR IS IT?? https://t.co/2206lSYLr2 - LIAM ANSWERED ME🇬🇧, Stratford, London RT @lwtyleshome: “THIS IS A FAMILY SHOW…..OR IS IT?” 2015/2017 https://t.co/WzqbgbeGCD - spooky t🕸, the bay RT @EurikaShakya1D: "This is a family show, or is it?" 2015 /2017 version 😂 I just love him #ARIASHARRYSTYLES https://t.co/VgiUJllxL8 - Catherine Surowiecki, Meriden, CT RT @LarryBuzzin: Great day! Louis released Just Like You, Harry said "or is it", Liam got a platinum plaque for Strip That Down, & Niall is… - ellen loves louis, Up Louis' ass Affleck (or is it Asslick?), after angrily defending Weinstein's rapes, is now named as a sexual groper and... fb.me/3KcIWseZC - Pericles Elytis, NYC RT @GreenandBlue28_: "This is a family show.....or is it” then and now 😭 2015 | 2017 https://t.co/IVKfTz8Cpt - V | Rebirthed., hi