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The Fake News is at it again, this time trying to hurt one of the finest people I know, General John Kelly, by saying he will soon be..... - Donald J. Trump, Washington, DC Person close to the White House says Trump and John Kelly have engaged in "shouting matches" in recent days.… - Kyle Griffin, Manhattan, NY .@k_jeanpierre: John Kelly needs to slap the Constitution on Trump's desk because he hasn't read it. Free press is…… - PBS NewsHour, Arlington, VA | New York, NY

RT @politico: Chief of staff John Kelly shows up to the White House press briefing and tells reporters: "I'm not quitting today" https://t.… - Sunil Kumar, Laguna Hills, CA RT @PalmerReport: For the record, I don't want John Kelly to quit. But his words today are even more evidence that it's headed in that dire… - Marcy McGowan, Delaware RT @funder: General John Kelly is doing a great job, says Trump’s white supremacist cult members & no one else.… - CrystalwolfLady, Everywhere& nowhere RT @MichaelCBender: "Let's hope diplomacy works." —John Kelly on threat of North Korea - Steven Lemongello, Orlando, FL General John Kelly is an impressive individual. Displayed a sense of humor. - Scott Dryden, Ohio, USA RT @PalmerReport: John Kelly just announced "I'm not quitting today." Note his use of the word "today." If he had no intention of quitting… - Grapesoda RT @JakeSherman: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin led out of the John Kelly press conference calling it a "breath of fresh air" - Maeve Reston That's comforting. We go in to help him collectively understand. Yeah - we are all going to die. "John Kelly" - Mourning Jen RT @yourauntemma: Watching Gen. John Kelly sell his soul in real time is sad. - Natnee10, Michigan RT @dcexaminer: Chief of staff John Kelly: "I am not quitting today ... I don't think I am being fired today." - Recovering_Democrat, Tatooine... RT @dcexaminer: John Kelly: My "only" frustration about my job is when I read things that are untrue - mary dodge, Tempe, AZ RT @jbarro: John Kelly seems to be advising reporters to find higher-level leakers? - Clicklynk LLC, Palo Alto, CA RT @FoxNews: Chief of Staff John Kelly: "One of @POTUS' frustrations is you...many of you," speaking to reporters at The White House https:… - OverIt RT @ABCPolitics: "I'm not quitting today," White House chief of staff John Kelly says adding, "I don't think I'm being fired today." https:… - MDPATT, Hamburg, NY RT @NewsRadio_1440: John Kelly: I'm not quitting today - Bar B Q Ranch, Colorado RT @FoxNewsInsider: John Kelly to Press: 'Develop Some Better Sources'… - Robert Roefaro, United States RT @burdentruth: John Kelly sounding a lot like Scaramucci. Just saying.... - idle prattle RT @CBSNews: John Kelly: "Right now, we think [North Korean] threat is manageable, but over time if it grows ... let's hope diplomacy works… - Karen DeWitt RT @TheRickyDavila: If anyone is surprised of John Kelly's praises of trump, you haven't been paying attention. A cult was created & Mad Ki… - Auntie Meme, Central Park West, New Yawk RT @joshdcaplan: Chief of Staff John Kelly rips the media to their faces "It is astounding to me how much is misreported."… - M†Lamb, USA RT @itsluisagibson: John Kelly trying to convince everyone that he's happy in the White House: - ,