#ILookAtTheWorld is this week's @HashtagGiants hosted by @helenmaryme @wickedfedora @Billy_Hashtag https://t.co/EkwP2q4ARP - Hashtag Roundup, Detroit, Michigan #ILookAtTheWorld and wonder when it’s gonna give me the money it owes me. - Jeff Dwoskin, Detroit, Michigan #ILookAtTheWorld and think its "a fine place and worth fighting for." Hemingway said it best. - Christian Buresh, American Midwest

#ILookAtTheWorld and realize no amount of Jack in the Box tacos can make me feel better about the state of the union. - Mr. Sensitive RT @stormresist2017: #ILookAtTheWorld and remember when America was the leader for democracy and free speech. We’ve lost that title now.… - Ric Ball ✌️🏳️‍🌈 #ILookAtTheWorld and realize that I need a break from Twitter.... So im taking a month or so off. See ya all in November🎃👻🍁 - 🐜 Anthony🍯, Amongst The Stars & Quasars. RT @laughingskull59: #ILookAtTheWorld And want to make it better... - Holi, Texas #ILookAtTheWorld as if living in a fish bowl,is that really the moon or the top of the bottle we live in?cork it ro… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Runamuck, Hell in a handbag #ILookAtTheWorld and realize I have only one place to run to. #TheMountainsAreCalling - Kasey Warhurst #ILookAtTheWorld... Materialism... Above all things that really do matter. Its pretty returded. - Phunkee Murican RT @TheSandman8388: #ILookAtTheWorld Like the Grinch... - Castle Slay, Harlingen, TX #ILookAtTheWorld And it's knee deep in bullshit - Kevin Stokes, California, USA RT @swauve_ricardo: #ILookAtTheWorld and think there are a lot of stupid people out there! https://t.co/kxzsrOV9F0 - Crazy RxMan, United States RT @AmericanSpectre: #ILookAtTheWorld and know that Americans are White. Anyone else here is just a US citizen at best and likely an illeg… - ⚔william ellison🌋, North Sentinel Island TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2017 2CD for sale: ioffer.com/i/641275447 #NewTrumpHolidaystwitter.com/i/web/status/9… - NSU RECORDS RT @AmericanSpectre: #ILookAtTheWorld and see that “good schools” and “nice neighborhood” are code words for White schools and neighborhood… - Thomas Lewis RT @MikeSchmidt09: #ILookAtTheWorld and realize what we need is hope and the strength to do the right thing https://t.co/BzhitpJKTm - あつひえ, 大阪 北摂エリア #ILookAtTheWorld and think wtf they doing over there - Ran, Los Angeles, CA RT @RedTRaccoon: #ILookAtTheWorld & see a place where we will do amazing things when we learn to love Charlie Chaplin says it best as he m… - H. Aimee Sedlock RT @buzzyiswhat: #ILookAtTheWorld and I just see dirt. Maybe I'm standing too close? - Bettie Boop, back in the ZA. RT @MatthewTheAmazo: #ILookAtTheWorld and think I wish I had started making brownies a half hr ago so I could be eating them now. I blame y… - Bettie Boop, back in the ZA. RT @Darth_Pingu: #ILookAtTheWorld through the eyes of my students - always such a cool feeling watching as they learn new things for the fi… - Princess Buttercup, 4th and inches RT @CoolGusPub: #ILookAtTheWorld and think, "That looks like a good place to pee." 🐾 https://t.co/1Cdk2liA3U - S.B., Kangaroo Haven #ILookAtTheWorld and propose we do not lend our strength to that which we wish to be free from. 🎼 @jeweljktwitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Nicolle Paradise, San Francisco, CA #ILookAtTheWorld and i know it could be better. - Captain Harris