Green Bay

Awful call vs Green Bay after YET ANOTHER BUTTER-FINGERS DROP BY DEZ. Hey, he was owed SOMETHING after that playoff robbery at Lambeau. - Skip Bayless, Los Angeles Dak Prescott is playing lights out in Dallas. Moving around in the pocket, staying poised and making big plays against Green Bay. - Tony Dungy, Tampa, FL Green Bay wins the toss and the #DallasCowboys will receive. #GBvsDAL - Dallas Cowboys, Frisco, TX

Green Bay might've finally found them a running back - Redemption 3-1, Louisville, Kentucky Finally a running game for Green Bay love it - Tom Coleman Green Bay may have a running back - Del Jim Baxter, ÜT: 38.726995,-76.853645 Green Bay has no respect for the Cowboys defense - 1926Pits That's another Green Bay fucking down!!!! - ErinElizabethMiller, Orlando, Florida Rod Marrenelli must have forgotten about 5-star running back stud Aaron Jones this week. First down Green Bay. - Armchair Cowboys, Dallas, TX This Green Bay x Dallas game 🔥🔥 - 12 Rounz, Hartford, CT Packers rookie CB King out with concussion - Tackled Football Via ESPN - #ESPN #NFL #FantasyFootball "Packers rookie CB King out with concussion" - Nick Schreck, Vernon, NJ Packers rookie CB King out with concussion - DEE_BARTENDER, Newport Beach, CA RT @JJT_Journalist: Green Bay's Jones has 12 for 79 rushing. That's a losing number for the Cowboys. - Joanne, Texas, USA green bay's rb eating on me😂💪🏽 - jaydennn Don’t matter where Green Bay goes. They always getting favored by the refs - NoahB, Michigan, USA RT @Boweman55: looking forward to green bay storming back into this game after garret cowardly punts it away on a fourth and 2 at the 50 - nick roth, dallas/clemson Going for it on 4th and 1 at mid bay disrespectful - CashmereThoughts 👑, Amongst Lafamilia RT @JMackey1981: Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers get more gift penalties than any team I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s garbage. #GBvsDAL - MiguelG, Texas, USA Dallas would win the Super Bowl with Green Bay's coaching staff. - Brad J. Latta, Birmingham, AL Easy call to go on 4th for Green Bay. - Jim parker Wth did Green Bay find this running back - Barack O'Nana, A shinning city upon a hill RT @mkessellyon: It’s fun to watch Jason Garrett complain about penalties like he didn’t get a TD because of a bad penalty call against Gre… - Oscarlopez, Santa Ana, CA Green Bay gotta pull thru - 🎀Carina✨ Damn good play call by Green Bay - SKILLLLLP, Georgia, USA On 4th and 1, @Packers go for it, gain 10 yards. Now in #Cowboys territory. - 105.3 The FAN, Dallas, TX, US Do U read lips Green Bay fans?? - TheSportsGuy, Sleepless in Arizona viendo Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys - JOSUE ESCAMILLA Who this nee back for green bay?👀 - Big Dawg lil bih