Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce touchdown celebration - Steve Noah Travis Kelce caught 895 passes last season? What a beast - Big Cat, Chicago, IL Don't know whether to love or hate Travis Kelce... - Thomas Duffy, New Jersey, USA

RT @MySportsUpdate: Josh Norman massive hit on Travis Kelce - B RT @BrodieBook: Travis Kelce top 5 sauciest white man in America - Melquíades, Tarrant/Dallas County RT @heirdorian: Travis Kelce been invited to the cookout #ChiefsNation #ChiefsKingdom - Joebranch RT @ShaunKing: One white Pro-Bowler in the entire NFL has taken a knee: Travis Kelce. He dates a Black woman. It's relevant. https://t.… - TraShaun Nixon, Tokyo Japan Aw, Twitter causing #NFL tweets to dominate trends, as if to say All Clear! Alex Smith, Chiefs, #Redskins, Cousins, Andy Reid, Travis Kelce - Steven Douglas, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam I nominate Travis Kelce for Dancing with the Stars 2018. - 🌎, En el universo RT @DanHanzus: Travis Kelce is like the mean jock in high school no one actually likes but remains popular by default thanks to good hair,… - Scott Higgins, Glasgow, Scotland RT @TroyMachir: Josh Norman make Travis Kelce go booooom. - Will swearinger RT @The1stWright: Never forget Travis Kelce also hit the quan last year after scoring - boo chy👻, work prolly RT @19delta4life: In a world full of racism and hatred, Travis Kelce just ended it all with that dance. - Abdallah RT @Steve_OS: Travis Kelce touchdown celebration - Sunshine RT @DooGatti89: U can tell Travis Kelce dates nothing but black women - Bakari ☔️, Lufkin, TX I wanna marry travis kelce - chelsea 👑, DTX RT @DMVFollowers: Josh Norman didn’t like Travis Kelce taunting. 😡😡😡 - т н є т я υ т н Ⓥ, where eva the money @ 📍 RT @cjzero: Travis Kelce's got some moves, though - Tay Glizzy, Dayton, OH RT @theScore: Travis Kelce with a strong night on the stat sheet. 💪 - Tony Cantafio RT @BarstoolBigCat: Travis Kelce caught 895 passes last season? What a beast - Tyler, NJ RT @BeforeFamePics: That time Travis Kelce threw his own flag at the ref! #ChiefsKingdom - babykobe, Ig : glizzybambino RT @JRSportBrief: Travis Kelce grew up watching BET UNCUT. I know he did. 😂😂😂 - Bakari ☔️, Lufkin, TX RT @Nicktheegr8: Travis Kelce TD celebration...paid homage to Chingy "Right Thurr" - Shay.Lyriq ✨, kansas city mo