The Chiefs train rolls to 4-0! - Bleacher Report The @Chiefs are alone in the undefeated club! #ChiefsKingdom (via @thecheckdown) - NFL Mood in #ChiefsKingdom - Kansas City Chiefs, #ChiefsKingdom

The Morning Huddle: Rookies in the NFL Spotlight… - SportsWorldRadio, Every Where U.S.A RT @KickOffMagazine: Bobby Motaung says @KaizerChiefs will use the Macufe Cup to rectify past mistakes. #KickOff ht… - ¿��¿, vosloorus RT @KCMO: HOW ABOUT YOUR @Chiefs!!!! They come back and win!!! Last undefeated team in the NFL! - KCMO Parks and Rec, Kansas City, Missouri @SNFonNBC @JaybirdCFC @Chiefs Hey dude! Nobody gives a shit about football anymore! Haven't you heard - TheAmerican.Ideology, Grand Saline, TX Chiefs show championship mettle in beating Skins - Dan Walter RT @ericstonestreet: I am not at the @Chiefs game and I am not happy about it. - Tana I liked a @YouTube video Redskins vs. Chiefs | NFL Week 4 Game Highlights - Jefferson J. Morales, Hollywood, Los Angeles @TMZ at the CHIEFS and Redskins game tonight. Got a great video of Tyrelle Pryor Sr flipping off a fan and yelling at them in the tunnel - Matt Cooper Top 5: 1: Jimmy Kimmel 2: Alex Smith 3: #TomPettyRIP +2 4: Chiefs -1 5: #TheGifted -1 - TRENDS5USA, The Good Ole' U.S. of A. @andrewmedlock @NFL @Chiefs @thecheckdown I think what they're trying to say is, dont get your hopes up too high. E…… - Carlos GoogleTrend 1:Tom Petty 2:CNN 3:Fox News 4:USC 5:Cbs News 6:Kansas City Chiefs 7:Dan Bilzerian 8:Abc News 9:NBC News - GoogtterBot RT @wibwChrisLilly: .@stonecoldjones_ was hyped after the Chiefs win over the Redskins, "that's what it's all about!" #ChiefsKingdom #Chief… - Jacob, Milwaukee, WI RT @GeorgiaTechFB: ICE IN HIS VEINS!!! @buttkicker87 with the GAME-WINNER in his #NFL debut! 🙌… - Marcus Mathurin ⒈ Jimmy Kimmel ⒉ Alex Smith ⒊ #TomPettyRIP ⒋ Chiefs ⒌ #TheGifted 2017/10/3 01:52 CDT #trndnl… - Trendinalia USA, USA @vgregorian Seerem mer hye chiefs tasadouner 🇦🇲 - ChrisKopaBread, Los Angeles, CA RT @JoshMSilverman: I said it week 1, i'll say it again now and i'll say it week 17- Alex Smith is criminally underrated and a top 10 QB #C… - Russell Steward RT @_omarmanzano: 49ers are trash but at least Alex Smith and the Chiefs are undefeated - 🤷🏽‍♂️, Land of The Sideshow @RightoftheRight @Chiefs @marcuspeters Chiefs reaction: - king kunta, miami gardens RT @Chiefs: We’ve got your Monday night covered. #WASvsKC #ChiefsKingdom - Casey Jones RT @MaioccoNBCS: In Alex Smith’s 75 starts with the #49ers, the team went 38-36-1. In Alex Smith’s 65 starts with the Chiefs, the team is… - Living the Dream, Nor cali RT @NFLFBGAMETIME: Undefeated teams left: Kansas City Chiefs - BJ🎒, Kcmo📍 Chiefs' Smith shines again in win over Redskins - Tom Coleman, I Love You | Thank You RT @adamteicher: Looks like left tackle Eric Fisher is preparing to play for the Chiefs tonight. Fisher missed the last two days... https:/… - Ryan Stewart, Kansas City @FieldYates I put money on him playing against the Chiefs - T-Payne, Scottsdale, AZ RT @MirrorFootball: Barcelona put Premier League chiefs on red alert as they confirm La Liga exit possibility… http… - Mstr. Wanjala Wekesa, kenya @RightoftheRight @Chiefs @marcuspeters Here come the 100 people saying "bye" but i support your freedom of protest…… - JB, Seattle, WA