Puerto Ricans are dying, he's busy golfing. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - Grant Stern, Miami, FL Committing crimes against humanity tweet by tweet. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words twitter.com/grantstern/sta… - Lesley Abravanel, Florida, USA Ignored Hurricane To Attack NFL Last Weekend #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - Grant Stern, Miami, FL

#WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words You have run out of hashtags you morons. - 🅾️🇭️🇴️🇺️🇷️❗, Washington, DC Every Cabinet member was picked by Putin. #excepttheGenerals #TrumpRussia #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - Peggy Sheridan RT @John_W_Marshall: #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words He actually is #Making #America #Great #Again - BasedStickPanda🇺🇸, Constitutional Republic of Texas ❤️ RT @DixieNo00856516: Because Libtards have nothing better to do #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words https://t.co/XtxBAB7yCl - Carla Covfefe 💋, Central Florida RT @applecarie: High crimes and misdemeanors,emoluments clause,collusion #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - Allie, Lombard, Ilinois RT @nikkikool1: Because we wont stop short of war! #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - somuchtodo2, NYC RT @0ctaviusrex: #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words feed the rich and fuck the poor - Jade Jensen 🇺🇸☮️❄️, Orlando, FL Trump & Cabinet waste money on private jets #whywemustimpeachtrumpin7words - Grant Stern, Miami, FL RT @SilverAdie: #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words Because Trump has emboldened Nazis White Supremacists https://t.co/MenIZqUmln - jessie jimenez RT @taradublinrocks: Because demented racist traitor unfit to lead #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - annawashere, a warm beach RT @BeccaSutherlan3: Charity fraud, fake university, mocks handicapped people #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - KING HEAV, Zulu Nation #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words BECAUSE IT IS A LYING SOCIOPATH! https://t.co/yZ30D52WD6 - #TRUMPRUSSIA 🍬, With the Facts COMEY 😎 RT @bewaremysting: The Republican Party is rotting from within. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words https://t.co/QhWYpUSQTi - Queen A👑👼💜🇺🇸🇺, Naboo. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words Pride. Greed. Envy. Wrath. Sloth. Gluttony. Lust. - Immigrant's DNA, United States RT @marty713: #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words Liberals Have No Brain 🇺🇸Can't Even Figure Out 👉😭 #WhatHappened 😂😂😂 #MAGA https://t.co/uXoCdDv… - Carla Covfefe 💋, Central Florida RT @grantstern: Puerto Ricans are dying, he's busy golfing. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - RemainStrong, USA RT @CeeLeeMusic: He thinks Nazis are very fine people. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words https://t.co/sxSw7LPaLj - Bonnie Persists🇺🇸, Civil spot near Philly #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words I'll say it with two. He's dangerous. - Soul & Substance, Washington DC RT @pink_lady56: #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words Because liberals need something to whine about. - Radio Guy, New England Tar and Feather Liberals for committing treason. #whywemustimpeachtrumpin7words https://t.co/V7IBFiYm2l - F. Hill, Pennsylvania, USA RT @Alt_FedEmployee: #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words We are so much better than this https://t.co/FT07TWHiAH - Nancy🎃👻 Bildeberg Group Trilateral Commission Pedophilia Globalist NWO #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - Wendy, Michigan, USA RT @docrocktex26: Instability-In-Chief won't ever fucking pivot. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words - CherokeeNative, 92078 RT @docrocktex26: Treasonous cognitively impaired narcissist sociopath sexual predator. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words - RemainStrong, USA #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words *Please forgive my redundancy*▶▶▶▶ LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR◀◀◀◀ Did I mention he's a LIAR???😂😂😂🇺🇸 - David L. London, Tulsa, Oklahoma RT @Loving_Rosita: Attacks American Citizens as they are dying. #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words - Jay K. Stone, D(M)V We can't handle all of the Winning #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpin7Words - The Shadow