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Why is old boy talking to random on the beach?better yet, why y'all keep talking on the comms? They tracking y'all dude! #Inhumans - twila dang He’s thrown a massive hissy fit & taken over the city #Inhumans - Tara Swanson, Brooklyn Seriously, these beach guys are the best part of the show #Inhumans - Colton Youngblood Heh. Gorgon is ready to stomp a few people. #Inhumans - Amanda Joyce, Florida Gorgon: this boring. Surfer: dude bring the fight to you. Surfer 2: WHAT NO I DONT WANT TO FIGHT MOON PEOPLE #Inhumans - Dylan DeVore, North Carolina, USA #inhumans People are acting as if someone is holding a gun to their head and forcing them to watch. If it's so horr… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - gom_jabbar Are #Gorgon and #Maximus both man-strating?? There's so much sass between them. #Inhumans - Angi, Corpus Christi, TX #Inhumans is disappointing, - Gee RT @DJColeBEATS: I've seen worse TV shows c'mon people it's not that damn bad #Inhumans - Aerin Cruz, Orlando, FL "Who doesn't like a little trouble?" - Makani #Inhumans - Marvel's Inhumans I know I can't be the only one thinking it, right? #Inhumans #MarvelsInhumans https://t.co/SGtO7Q6zOs - bradassTV Gonna check out #Inhumans cuz there nothing else to watch and do. https://t.co/euzP895z08 - Tuk, California, USA @WhitneyFurr1 d kings brother is trying to take over n d dog sent d good #inhumans to earth/he tried to woo Medusa n cut her hair - Miss Jones, Greenville, Ms RT @SerindaSwan: It's happening tonight... #inhumans https://t.co/bm6IjgzGtl - Helena Baptiste 🕊️, Somewhere over the rainbow Isn't Maximus fighting to upend a cruel caste system? He seems like the good guy to me. #Inhumans - TVIsGreat Ryan He said why you trying to kick us out of our own shit? #Inhumans - The Doctor, T.A.R.D.I.S. Gordon isn't afraid of Maximus and his goons! #Inhumans -Kevin - TV Series Hub, Cape Town, South Africa Feel like these surfers are not here for a big blk dude, sitting whining on their beach #Inhumans - Shauntel J, OH @MontyAsks We're watching. The pugs are already practicing their Lockjaw impressions. #Inhumans https://t.co/Lb5qLzeoim - Cat M., Beaumont, TX Gorgon is going to bring the fight to Maximus #Inhumans - Darrell Dass, Coquitlam, BC, Canada RT @theinhumans: "You've given me no choice. This is your fault." #Inhumans - Allie Girl a pedi will be next on the agenda right after this bloody coup is squashed #Inhumans https://t.co/trgo93fox9 - Team♈️NoChill, The Educated Part of Texas Maximus is too much of a coward to come alone. #Inhumans - Amy, USA He just called your punk ass out! Lmao #Inhumans - Ya'll Females™ #Inhumans I'm actually loving this more than I thought. Now infinity war - josh buenrostro Gorgon's a fighter.....while spending his time on earth surfering. Literally, I cant. #Inhumans #inhuman #MarvelsInhumans - Dana (store name), where funny fat writers live I see some folks have either stopped tweeting or stopped watching #inhumans - Black Girl Nerds