What's your favorite song so far? #TheHype Listen: hoodieallen.lnk.to/thehype - Hoodie Allen, |-/ 15:00 - 17:00 BST #TheHype w/ @DJ_Jukess & @debbiesthuglife Heated hip-hop debate w/ @Archibald_III ♨️♨️… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… - Radar Radio, LONDON Y’ALL. @HoodieAllen and @ShaniaTwain both just released their albums and my heart and ears are so happy. AM I CRYING? #TheHype #Now - Mary L. Peterson, Nashville/Rockford

New miley and @HoodieAllen in one night!!! Omg I love this! #thehype #youngernow #cantwaitforanaheimhoodie - Kimberly Luther, California, USA @HoodieAllen congratulations the album is absolutely amazing #TheHype https://t.co/wJHdfr9slH - 🍂🎃👻☁️ RT @hoodie_evan: #TheHype went from #11 on trending to #8... the Hoodie Mob can do anything but let's keep going!! - 🎶 RT PINNED pls 🎶, Washington, USA RT @aurorattomuus: i just woke up and there’s nothing better that dancing in my jammies to @HoodieAllen #TheHype - JoeZ, |-/ RT @MYearout10: How have I lived 28 years without this album... just saying #TheHype by @HoodieAllen will change your life - JoeZ, |-/ RT @KierenR1885: If you have never listened to @HoodieAllen before, go and show him some love for #TheHype, so much dedication into every s… - Noelyn Basas, SoKor Downloaded it before I even listened to it because I already know I'm going to love it 👌🏻❤@HoodieAllen #TheHype https://t.co/jmUy4NFFmM - KL Seriously enjoying @hoodieallen’s new album #TheHype love it.!!!!!😍😍😍😍 https://t.co/A5K5pkw7Cx - Cassy Hosford, Omaha, NE #TheHype went from #11 on trending to #8... the Hoodie Mob can do anything but let's keep going!! - JoeZ, |-/ RT @Alex_Vampira: 10 seconds into All for Me & @scotthoying already KILLING those vocals #TheHype - BFGscotty @HoodieAllen #TheHype is LIT 👌🔥🔥 - JW RT @Budah96: I’ll be gifting people @HoodieAllen newest album #TheHype ! Follow and RT this post and I’ll be choosing 5 winners on Sunday!… - flor⚡️, at a concert Love #TheHype from @HoodieAllen! It's awesome!!! https://t.co/yPhUJNJAT2 - themercwiththemouth, Austria RT @believehoodie: I’m going off, can’t wait to sleep listening to #TheHype or not get any sleep at all, I love Hoodie Allen - JoeZ, |-/ Hoodie's new album dropping tonight has me 1000 times more excited for this concert 🙏🏼 #thehype - Lainey Jane💫 @HoodieAllen great album bro! Much love for you! #hoodiemob #thehype - Southern Thunder, Layton, UT i’m sad so gonna listen to #TheHype - mr. bulldops RT @AllAmeriChriggs: My timeline is moving so fast, is 331 people losing their collective mind over #TheHype - Hoodies Grammy, |-/ @HoodieAllen #TheHype is so so dope. If I had to pick 2 of my faves It would "Believe" & "Fakin It" - jada ♥️🐾, somewhere in california Wish I could see @HoodieAllen live, #TheHype is 🔥🔥 - Melissa Loven #TheHype can’t wait for the vinyl and necklace - LΞVΞL Great album. Not as high-tempo as I expected, but was still great. #TheHype @HoodieAllen - Taylor K, Louisiana, USA Late night vibes #TheHype is finally out 👌🏻👌🏻 @HoodieAllen https://t.co/b9DxfAzMyE - Jarrett Vardaman Won't lie #TheHype by @HoodieAllen is dooooooooooopeeeeeeeeeee - Pat | Breakz, Bay Area, California @HoodieAllen Love the reference from can’t hold me down in runnin’ circles. Anyone else catch that. Such a throw back. #thehype - Cole Pollard @HoodieAllen This album is my new favorite album. Before it was Leap Year but this just blows it out of the water. Thank you Hoodie #TheHype - GypzDark