#IfCaffeineDidntExist then I never would have invented the flux capacitor -Dr. Brown probably https://t.co/sbjg0OViwp - Jeff Dwoskin, Detroit, Michigan #IfCaffeineDidntExist people really would be like zombies in the morning https://t.co/0eccdB2mWW - David Leavitt, Boston, MA #IfCaffeineDidntExist is this week's @WildTaggers hosted by @bunnyhugger75 https://t.co/8GhcjMqyxA - Hashtag Roundup, Detroit, Michigan

#IfCaffeineDidntExist , neither would I 🤷🏻‍♀️ - alyssa⚡️, Delaware, USA #IfCaffeineDidntExist that would, that, that is the new saw movie. It's just someone's house with no coffee. Or tea. Or Red Bull. - Xander, United States #IfCaffeineDidntExist I'd be in bed all day. Caffeine fuels the missing energy my depression takes away. - hunt, New York RT @jimishbathia: #IfCaffeineDidntExist i would be on trials for multiple murders - Fran, New York, NY RT @jmariec36: #IfCaffeineDidntExist I would be one discombobulated mom 🤦🏻‍♀️ - Paula Ramirez, Texas RT @KeshaTedder: #IfCaffeineDidntExist Sugar will make a good replacement https://t.co/35wnwxgQoE - Paula Ramirez, Texas #IfCaffeineDidntExist i would be very moody most of the time - twitchaholic #IfCaffeineDidntExist neither would I.. - RyRy • WHY DONT WE, 0H10, Murica #IfCaffeineDidntExist I would probably be doing 25 - Life 😅 https://t.co/TzaPMV07cA - Goddess RebaXxx, United States RT @WadeintheToilet: #IfCaffeineDidntExist Neither would I - U of Natty Champs, Chapel Hill, NC #IfCaffeineDidntExist neither would my attention span https://t.co/71vjhOHPRF - Katie:), PHL//PITT #IfCaffeineDidntExist i would probably be sleeping instead of actually doing life things - domonique, Colorado, USA #IfCaffeineDidntExist I would be a walker or half dead - Kathryn N. Randell, Mansfield, TX #IfCaffeineDidntExist I would be out of a job. #3amMornings https://t.co/hLOzAFeO55 - Gaby OC, Miami, FL RT @Billy_Hashtag: #IfCaffeineDidntExist I'd be grumpy for life. https://t.co/RmwUqWcVzF - Vinayla Ice, GT: Vinayla ice #IfCaffeineDidntExist the programmers can't work and stay awake all night - Aman, Parallel universe RT @EpicEsquire: #IfCaffeineDidntExist I wouldn't exist. - Will Huhges #IfCaffeineDidntExist neither would I. #BecauseILoveCoffee #CoffeeIsLife @iamokaynow https://t.co/NPmQopnPaU - Melissa VanHouten, Indiana #IfCaffeineDidntExist Drives from LA back to Fontana wouldnt be feasible. Thanks @MtnDewKickstart - Spudder Gutter #IfCaffeineDidntExist Neither would I... 😬 https://t.co/EZdJLfY5Mr - Meta Jane ♥️, Petaluma, CA 94954, USA New Dunkin' Donuts slogan: America Runs on Crystal Meth #IfCaffeineDidntExist - Slobb #IfCaffeineDidntExist "Slap your co-worker day" would be an everyday celebration. https://t.co/hazzFbwAZp - Larissa Fedotov, Washington, USA i'd never be able to stay up for @BTS_twt cb teasers being released @ 12am KST #BTS #LOVE_YOURSELF @BigHitEnt #IfCaffeineDidntExist - HIX-DAISY, United States RT @BarkyCatBros: #IfCaffeineDidntExist then we'd be powerless to get out of bed once a #cat joined us. 😺 #truth https://t.co/MTU9Y4mVRV - DatCat RT @RockStarLydia: #IfCaffeineDidntExist I would be one sleepy shark 🌊😴☕️ https://t.co/G9hV1xKPFa - Alina Easler, Las Vegas, NV RT @ThePublicGadfly: #IfCaffeineDidntExist the murder rate of co-workers during the morning hours of work would skyrocket. https://t.co/35v… - Nia Lovelis, Kansas, USA