.@Candace_Parker... to @Nnemkadi30! The BEST of the @LA_Sparks' MVP duo ahead of Sparks-Lynx (8 pm/et, @NBATV)…… - WNBA The Canada Lynx is a secretive and solitary creature. Very few people have actually seen one in the wild.…… - Canadian Wildlife, Canada It’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Be there tonight as we unveil the new Lynx logo during halftime! 🎟:…… - Minnesota Lynx, Minneapolis, MN

RT @ThePoke: Behold, the majestic roar of a Lynx… - YONG CHIEF, 에리스 웨일 RT @NaturePH0T0S: Eurasian Lynx. Simply stunning creature. - Neusa, Tupã, Brasil @larynx_lynx @PokemonGoApp I stopped playing Pokemon Go a long time ago and the point you've made is one of the reasons. - Chris Wong, Melbourne, Australia @Lynx_Carolnein *sees a girl with skin* THI-- - Null Void Open Beta It’s good. Like how Wolves and Lynx have almost same logos now.… - Biddy 🔼 🐶, Crystal, Minnesota, USA @minnyme21 Hahaha! The picture I posted is a lynx. Longer ear tuffs is one of big identifying things, apparently. - Mechelle Voepel, Kansas City As expected...the Lynx's new logo resembles the T'Wolves... #WNBA - Akiem B. Bailum, 🌎 CLT/CAE ATL IAH JFK/ISP LAX RT @minnesotalynx: All tied up 20-20 at the end of one! Maya, Sylvia, and Seimone with 4 points each for the Lynx. - Gabriela Hernandez @BrendaCbrendac You are risking the wrath of the bat s*** Lynx fans - womenshoopsworld, Los Angeles totally agree it's the ref's fault that the Lynx are 3-for-19 in the third quarters. just stop - Kent Youngblood @LA_Sparks on 19-4 run for 55-42 lead late 3rd Q. Tech on Reeve early in the run. #Lynx discombobulated -- can't make a shot or get a stop. - Patrick Borzi, Minneapolis, MN awful third quarter for Lynx 3-for-18 with 5 turnovers. embarassing. make that 3-for-19 - Kent Youngblood Sparks dealing with the lynx - 0-0, Houma, LA Virtual POV – Alix Lynx & Anna Bell Peaks… - CamGirlProduction Quick timeout as the #Lynx trail 55-42 with 1:54 left in the third quarter. Syl leading the way for MIN with 11 points and 6 rebounds. - Lynx PR, Target Center The Lynx quickly went down by 13 and the entire Xcel Energy Center is krabs blurring - weepy, South Dakota Lynx struggling 😅 - Dinastee RT @motopony: Two weeks from today, our new single “FREE” arrives. A collaboration with the rad @PegboardNerds out 8/25.… - STRKER @GildedBoyd warning in advance episode 6 has no subs and episode 7 is out tomorrow so until commie gets on the doub…… - Elfnein tops 🏳️‍🌈, finally with the gf @MechelleV So is that a Lynx or the Bobcat? lol - minnyme21, west of minneapolis Candace Parker picks up her fourth personal foul with 2:26 left in 3rd quarter as Sparks lead Lynx 52-42. - Mechelle Voepel, Kansas City RT @mollypriddy: reminder: lynx run around on massive paws, the technical term for which is "huge floofers," i believe… - Nona, UK #Lynx trail the Sparks 52-42 with 2:22 left in the third quarter. - Mitchell Hansen, Minneapolis via Cold Spring Ok, this new Lynx logo is pretty badass.… - Minneapolis Now, Minneapolis, MN Lynx game going on and so much talk about the Wolves...shut it already and go back to the women's game 😤 - Brittany Kennedy Lynx just don't have it tonight. - Skolney, Minnesota